Product Comparison

Welmed 1250-8150
McKesson Brand 183-I86-09406-S
O&M Halyard Inc 89490
DeRoyal 89-5077
O&M Halyard Inc 88492
McKesson # 747126 1104440 516633 1061750 197450
Description Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthopedic Drape Pack McKesson Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthoarts®
Manufacturer # 1250-8150183-I86-09406-S8949089-507788492
Brand  McKesson  Orthoarts®
Manufacturer WelmedMcKesson BrandO&M Halyard IncDeRoyalO&M Halyard Inc
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  • Gown Breathable Poly Large with Towel
  • Gown Breathable Poly with Towel, X-Large
  • Suture Bag
  • Poly Split Drape
  • Y Tubing Suction Connector
  • Suction Tubing, 10 Foot
  • Body Split Drape
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape
  • 1 Mayo Stand Cover
  • 1 Table Cover, Heavy Duty, 60 X 90 Inch
  • Gown Large
  • 1-Large Sterile Drape, 60 X 76 Inch
  • 1-Universal Extremity Drape with 2.5-Inch Conformable Fenestration, Absorbent Reinforcement, 90 X 124 Inch
  • 1-Impervious U-Drape 60 X 70, with Spilt 4 X 21 Inch
  • 1-Large Surgical Gown with Towel, Non-Reinforced, Set-in Sleeve, Overwrap
  • 1-Back Table Cover, Zone-Reinforced, 50 X 90 Inch
  • 1-Mayo Stand Cover, SMS-Reinforced, 23 X 54 Inch
  • 1-Hand Towel, White, 15.5 X 22 Inch
  • 1-Suture Bag 11.6 X 6.5 X 2.8 Inch
(1) Body Split Drape, 88 W X 116 L Inch with CONTROL* Plus Reinforcement, Tube Holders / (1) Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape, 100 W X 62 L Inch, with Fluid Collection Pouch with Suction Port, Tube HolderBack Table Cover, Reinf, 50 X 90 Inch, Suture Bag, Blade, #15, St. Stainless Steel, 1000 cc Bowl, 2 oz. Medicine Cup, Half Drape 60 X 44 Inch, Hand Drape76 X 142 Inch w/1 Inch Fene, Esmark Blue 4 X 9 Foot, Gauze X-ray 4 X 4 16-ply, 10 Gauze No X-Ray 4 X 4 12-Ply, Non-Rrein X-Large Gown, Non-Rein X-Large Gown w/Towel and Wrap, Dual Tip Skin/Utility Marker, Mayo Stand Cover 23 X 54 Inch, Needle 25 Gauge X 1-1/2 Inch Hypo, Needle Counter 20 CT Foam/Magnet, 18 Gauge X 1.5 Inch Needle Eclipse Safety, 9 X 48 Inch Impervious Stockinette, White 10 cc Luer Lock Syringe, OR, Cotton, Blue Towel
  • (1) Heavy Duty Back Table Cover, Reinforced
  • (1) Ultra Surgical Gown in Overwrap with Towel, Large
  • (2) Ultra Surgical Gowns with Towel, Large
  • (1) Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced
  • (1) Suture Bag
  • (1) Shoulder Impervious Split Drape
  • (1) Y-Tubing Suction Connector
  • (1) 10 Ft. Suction Tubing
  • (3) GripClip* Tubing Holders
  • (1) GripClip* Instruction Sheet
  • (1) Orthoarts* Body Split Drape
  • (1) Orthoarts Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape
  • (2) Drape Tape Strips
Country of Origin ChinaChinaUnited StatesChinaHonduras
Drape Pack Name Arthroscopy Shoulder PackOrtho Lower Extremity Pack 6Arthroscopy Shoulder PackHand Pack IShoulder Pack
Latex Free Indicator Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Sterility SterileSterileSterile
UNSPSC Code 4229421142295414421317014229541442295414
Application Orthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape Pack
Features and Benefits
  • McKesson Orthopedic Lower Extremity Drapes Pack 6
  • Convenient sterile-field solution includes key draping components most commonly used in a variety of orthopedic procedures
  • Quality components designed to deliver optimal protection and performance in creating and maintaining a sterile field during surgery
  • Alternative solution to custom packs providing flexibility to fit a wide range of surgeon preferences
  • Featured universal extremity drape features a conformable fenestration allowing maximum compatibility for the broadest range of lower extremity procedures
  • Specifically designed with SMS fabric for fluid repellency to reduce strike-through and additional advanced-reinforcement fabric for high fluid absorbency around the fenestration promoting superior fluid management
  • Includes fabric tube holders for securing tubing and line management
  • Impervious, PE-film U-drape with split design featuring absorbent reinforcement, Edgeguard Technology™ and 2-inch adhesive tape allows drape to conform to surgical site and maintain secure placement throughout procedure
  • AAMI level 3, scrub nurse gown features SMS fabric and set-in sleeves for protection and comfort
  • Impervious equipment covers feature reinforcement layer for puncture resistance
  • Includes large drape sheet made of SMS fabric to provide additional coverage as-needed
  • Pack complete with hand towel and suture bag
  • Disposable design for single sterile use and consistent quality
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Edgeguard® Technology is a trademark of Invenio HealthCare, LLC.
  • Packaged: 1 Pack Each, 4 Packs Per Case