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Emergency Products & Research EP-800
Minto Research & Development S301
Minto Research & Development S304
Galls SI008-PED
McKesson # 528329 725982 325771 496768 664479
Description Traction Splint Traction Splint Traction Splint Sager® S301 Form III Single Universal Traction Splint Form III Bilateral Adult Traction Splint Pediatric
Manufacturer # 1126512EP-800S301S304SI008-PED
Brand   Sager® S301 Form III SingleForm III Bilateral 
Manufacturer Faretec IncEmergency Products & ResearchMinto Research & DevelopmentMinto Research & DevelopmentGalls
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Color Street Orange
Country of Origin UnknownChinaUnited StatesUnited StatesUnknown
Fastening Type Hook and Loop Strap ClosureHook and Loop Closure Straps
Material Stainless Steel / Polyester Resin / Closed Cell FoamStainless Steel / Polyester Resin / Closed Cell FoamAluminum
Size UniversalAdultPediatric
Target Area LegLegLower ExtremityLower ExtremityLeg
UNSPSC Code 4224210942242104422415114224210942241511
Application Traction SplintTraction SplintTraction SplintTraction SplintTraction Splint
Features and Benefits
  • It allows the ability to work around any hip or groin trauma
  • There is no ischial bar to deal with, so any concerns of causing unnecessary pressure and additional pain are not an issue
  • A single person can properly apply the OTD in less than one minute
  • The traction pole instantly adjusts for adult or pediatric use
  • Designed to be carried in a trauma box, jump bag or first aid kit
  • Treats unilateral fractures only
  • Quantifiable dynamic traction
  • Straight in-line traction
  • Patented articulating base
  • Kit includes: one Carrying Case, one Abductor Bridle (thigh strap), one Splint, one Leg Cravat Kit, one Pedal Pinion (figure 8 strap), one Malleolar Harness Set (ankle harness)
  • 15 pounds maximum traction
  • The Sager Form III Bilateral Emergency Traction Splint is our 3rd generation bilateral traction splint
  • It features Sager’s standard Quantifiable, Dynamic Traction SystemTM – which permits you to document exactly how much traction you have applied to your patient
  • The dynamic function permits the traction to decrease as the spasm releases
  • The S304 is indicated for treatment in proximal third and mid-shaft femoral fractures, and will treat single or bilateral fractures
  • Designed to provide containment within the body silhouette – the S304 will not extend beyond the feet of an adult
  • Stainless steel construction ensures years of use
  • The Sager splint is designed to register a maximum of 15 pounds of traction
  • Kit includes: Sager Form III Bilateral Splint, Ischial Perineal Cushion (saddle), Abductor Bridle (thigh strap), Carry Case, Pedal Pinion (figure eight strap), Malleolar Harness (ankle, right), Malleolar Harness (ankle, left), Shaft Cushion (leg), Leg Cravat Kit (2 short, 1 long, 1 extra long), Biohazard Caps
  • Effectively realigns a fractured femur with less pain for the patient while restoring perfusion to an injured leg
  • Application is fast and easy with the one-piece design
  • Features a ratchet traction device, "S" ring hook, heel stand and locking release pull ring, collet locking device, 4 leg support straps, ischial strap and pad, adjustable ankle strap, carrying case and instructions