Product Comparison

Tuttnauer USA 3870EA
Tuttnauer USA EZ11PLUS
Midmark M3-042
Tuttnauer USA EZ9
McKesson # 445901 179515 941017 1173763 526949
Description EA Series Automatic Sterilizer Steam 15 X 30 Inch Chamber Single Door Valueklave 1730 Automatic Sterilizer Steam 7 X 13 Inch Chamber Single Door EZ Series Automatic Sterilizer Steam 11 X 19-4/5 Inch Chamber Single Door M3 UltraFast® Automatic Sterilizer Steam 1-2/3 X 7-2/3 X 12 Inch Chamber Automatic Door EZ Series Automatic Sterilizer Steam 9 X 18 Inch Chamber Single Door
Manufacturer # 3870EAVALUEKLAVEEZ11PLUSM3-042EZ9
Brand EA SeriesValueklave 1730EZ SeriesM3 UltraFast®EZ Series
Manufacturer Tuttnauer USATuttnauer USATuttnauer USAMidmarkTuttnauer USA
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Cassette Capacity 15 Full Cassettes2 Cassettes4 Full / 4 Half2 Full / 2 Half
Chamber Dimensions 15 X 30 Inch Chamber7 X 13 Inch Chamber11 X 19-4/5 Inch Chamber1-2/3 X 7-2/3 X 12 Inch Chamber9 X 18 Inch Chamber
Country of Origin IsraelIsraelIsraelUnknownIsrael
Door Type Single DoorSingle DoorSingle DoorAutomatic DoorSingle Door
Number of Trays 2 Trays3 Trays5 Trays1 Tray3 Trays
Overall Dimensions 26 X 21 X 36 Inch12 X 17-2/5 X 18 Inch17-1/3 X 21 X 24-4/5 Inch7 X 17-4/5 X 22 Inch14-1/2 X 20 X 21-1/2 Inch
Tray Dimensions 1 X 13-4/5 X 26 Inch Large, 1 X 11 X 26 Inch Small4/5 X 1-3/5 X 4-3/4 Inch3/5 X 6-3/4 X 16-1/3 Inch1 X 7-1/4 X 11-3/4 Inch3/5 X 6-3/4 X 16-1/3 Inch
Unwrapped Cycle Time 20 Minutes (Warm Start), 31 Minutes (Cold Start)Cold: 16 Minutes / Hot 11 Minutes6 MinutesCold: 27 Minutes / Hot: 13 Minutes
Volume 85 Liter2 gal. Chamber7.5 gal.0.49 gal. / 1.8 Liter usable Volume5 gal.
Application Automatic SterilizerAutomatic SterilizerAutomatic SterilizerAutomatic SterilizerAutomatic Sterilizer
Sterilization Type SteamSteamSteamSteamSteam
UNSPSC Code 4228150842281508422815084228150842281508
Features and Benefits
  • 4 Pre-set sterilization programs
  • High precision control system for accurate sterilization results
  • Interdependent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Cycle information recovery in the case of power failure or cycle interruption
  • Insufficient water detector with automatic shutoff
  • Supplied with a 3-shelf stand (30 X 34 X 36 Inch)
  • Will satisfy all of your basic sterilization needs at an economical price
  • The compact size makes it a perfect primary unit for small offices or a second autoclave for larger practices
  • The fast cycle time and heated drying delivers a quick turnaround for wrapped or unwrapped instruments
  • The simple controls and easy closing door make this unit a breeze to operate
  • Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles
  • Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized
  • Drain valve is located on the front, allowing for quick and easy draining of water reservoir
  • The newly designed, ergonomically friendly EZGlide door features a sleek modern look and effortless opening and closing
  • Innovative EZView Multi-Color Display offers real time cycle information that is easy to read, even from a distance
  • Closed door drying, meaning the door remains closed through the dry cycle to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying
  • Accessible EZFill front or top water fill option to enable easier filling of the reservoir
  • USB Port enables users to easily transfer cycle data via a flash drive to a PC
  • Dynamic Air Removal Technology to effectively remove air from the chamber
  • Sterilize unwrapped instruments in 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10 minutes
  • Fully automatic with one-step loading, push-button cycle selection and an automatic-opening door
  • Monitors water levels for worry-free operation
  • 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 12 A Single Phase
  • 71 lbs.
  • Closed door active drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches, pre-loaded cycles for: unwrapped instruments; wrapped/packs; liquid and additional drying cycle
  • All program parameters can be changed and stored
  • Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles
  • Audible and visual cycle interruption alert
  • Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized
  • Low water sensor prevents activation of sterilization cycle when there is insufficient water in the chamber or reservoir
  • Constant monitoring of temperature and pressure for sterilization
  • Door design prevents steam from coming in contact with control panel
  • Circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for fast drying