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Boekel Industries 260700
McKesson Brand 3146

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Boekel Industries 132000
Fisher Scientific S521081
McKesson # 244019 994602 854275 166310 899066
Description Incubator Mini 0.1 cu.ft. Incubator McKesson 20 ltr Incubator Affirm™ VPIII Block Heat Lysis Incubator Economy Analog 0.8 cu.ft. Incubator Quincy Lab 140 Series Analog 0.7 cu. ft. / 19.7 Liter
Manufacturer # 2607003146211890132000S521081
Brand  McKessonAffirm™ VPIIIEconomyQuincy Lab 140 Series
Manufacturer Boekel IndustriesMcKesson BrandBDBoekel IndustriesFisher Scientific
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Capacity 0.1 cu.ft.20 ltr0.8 cu.ft.0.7 cu. ft. / 19.7 Liter
Country of Origin TaiwanTaiwanUnited StatesUnited StatesUnknown
Dimensions 7-1/4 X 5-1/4 X 5-3/4 Inch16-1/2 X 17 X 24 Inch13 X 16-1/4 X 14 Inch11 X 13 X 15 Inch Exterior, 10 X 10 X 12 Inch Interior
Latex Free Indicator Contains Latex
Power Source 120V115VAC, 120 Watts
Temperature Range +5 to 42° CAmbient to 70 Degree C5 to 60° CAmbient 2 to 62°C
Type MiniBlock Heat LysisAnalogAnalog
UNSPSC Code 4110440641104400411044004227171441104400
Application IncubatorIncubatorIncubatorIncubatorIncubator
Features and Benefits
  • See through door style
  • Has the heating element located behind the back panel to reduce the risk of baking samples
  • Flat digitemp strip on interior floor indicates temperature
  • McKesson Laboratory Incubator
  • Designed for platted cultures, tube cultures, and general purpose microbiology applications.
  • Its design is compact but spacious, with a chamber capacity of 20 liters (0.7 cubic feet).
  • Features a digital control and thermometer access port to regulate calibration, two removable and perforated shelves for air flow, and convection heating.
  • Dimensions are 16.5 x 17 x 24 Inch.
  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Packaged: Each
  • Improve accuracy with DNA-probe technology that efficiently detects from a single swab the three organisms most associated with vaginitis
  • Accuracy - DNA-probe technology has been shown to be more sensitive and specific, leading to improved outcomes
  • Efficiency - the system processes six specimens simultaneously in under 45 minutes with less than 2.5 minutes of hands-on time
  • Actionable results - Easy-to-read visual results cards allow for consistent outcomes and improved workflow
  • Management of difficult infections - DNA-probe technology manages mixed or difficult infections by binding only the true target and not interfering substances
  • A single swab is for all three organisms (candida, gardnerella, trichomonas)
  • The system features automated processing
  • The system features a non-amplified, built-in threshold of disease detection (it will not overcall normal flora as an infection)
  • Built-in controls give you confidence in results
  • 24 Tests
  • Manufactured from 22 ga. steel; the exterior is powder coated for scratch and stain resistance, the interior is easy-to-clean aluminum
  • All analog incubators come with a thermometer as a standard accessory and have at least one adjustable shelf, depending on chamber size, several removable or adjustable shelves are also available
  • Temperature ranges go from ambient +10 to 90°C, each incubator has a blower fan to improve the heating and stability of the desired temperature
  • Ideal for school laboratories and as a backup incubator for hospitals
  • Ivory powder coated enamel steel case material; aluminum internal material
  • Bimetal controller type
  • Light pressure thermal convection type
  • Acrylic see-through door
  • Color graphic display
  • Our light-pressure thermal convection 140 analog models offer good utility at an affordable price
  • These units feature a see-through tinted acrylic door that enables the user to see the entire work space without opening the door
  • These models can maintain temperatures up to 62°C through a precise bimetal controller that is temperature stable to ±0.75°C
  • Control panel includes illuminated power switch and heat cycle pilot light
  • Standard equipment includes one fixed and one adjustable chrome-plated wire shelf and an enviro-friendly non-toxic spirit thermometer
  • This helps to maintain temperature stability and ease work flow
  • See-through door allows for visual inspection without heat loss
  • 2 Shelves
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • 10 Inch Internal diameter
  • 11 Inch External diameter
  • ±0.5°C Temperature uniformity
  • 18 Months warranty