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Prestan Products LLC PP-AEDUT-401
Philips Healthcare M5085A

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Nasco Healthcare SB52283
Nasco Healthcare SB46489
McKesson # 1078582 724561 1108408 1064140 885015
Description AED Trainer Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™ 4-Pack AED Trainer HeartStart® OnSite (HS1) AED Trainer Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™ AED Trainer AED Practi-Trainer - Bilingual AED Trainer Lifepak® CR-T
Manufacturer # PP-AEDUT-401M5085APP-AEDUT-102SB52283SB46489
Brand Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™ 4-PackHeartStart® OnSite (HS1)Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™AED Practi-Trainer - BilingualLifepak® CR-T
Manufacturer Prestan Products LLCPhilips HealthcarePrestan Products LLCNasco HealthcareNasco Healthcare
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Contents 1 Trainer, 4 Sets of Adult/Child Training Pads, 4 sets of Connector Pins, 4 Single Cases, 4-Pack Carrying Case
Contents 2 Pre-Installed Batteries, Extra Connector BatteriesRemote Control, Adult & Child ConnectorsCharge Pak™ Trainer, Quik-Pak™ Training Electrodes, Quick Reference Card
Contents 3 Carrying CasePads, Carrying CaseOperating Instructions, Batteries, Carrying Case
Country of Origin MalaysiaUnknownMalaysiaUnknownUnknown
For Use With For Prestan® Pad Sensing SystemFor Use With HeartStart® OnSite AED Defbrillator TrainerFor CPR Manikins
Power Source Battery Operated4 AA BatteriesBatteryBattery
UNSPSC Code 4230150242301503423015024217210542172105
Application AED TrainerAED TrainerAED TrainerAED TrainerAED Trainer
Features and Benefits
  • A compact, lightweight AED trainer solution with full customization options to accommodate any classroom training situation
  • Resembles a live training experience with five training scenarios
  • Programming can toggle between two lanuages
  • Easily upgradeable for any AHA guideline changes
  • Pad cords are pre-connected to the AED Trainer
  • Pad Sensing System automatically lets the unit know when the pads have been connected to a manikin
  • Pads last for 100+ uses and are stored on a convenient double-sided Pad Tray
  • Adlut/Child selection button
  • Bright illuminated shock button flashes when shock is advised
  • On/Off button with lighted indicator and program pause option
  • Clear and calm voice prompts
  • Chest compression rate metronome cand be turned on or off, and has audible count reminders at 10, 20, and 30 compressions
  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic Shock-Delivery
  • Programming Option to either include or not include time for breaths after compression cycle
  • Make learning easier and more rewarding for every lay responder with the HeartStart OnSite, HS1, trainer
  • Clear, calm voice instructions match those of the HeartStart OnSite, HS1, defibrillator
  • Unit resembles the actual defibrillator, yet is sufficiently different to avoid inadvertent use in an emergency
  • Works with internal and external pads adapters, allowing the instructor to provide clues towards pad placement for more realistic training
  • Supports training for both adult and infant/child patients
  • Preconfigured sudden cardiac arrest scenarios simulate how the OnSite, HS1, AED will operate during real-life cardiac arrest event
  • Coaching for both adult and infant/child CPR is included
  • The reusable training pads resemble defibrillation pads for a realistic training experience
  • Easy switching between adult and infant/child pad cartridges
  • Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ gives students a realistic training experience with training pads that sense when they are placed on a manikin
  • In addition, the pads are preconnected and voice prompts are clear and calm
  • Pads can be used 100+ times and have an embedded 'switch' which senses proper pad attachment to manikin (Pad Sensing System)
  • Easily switch from adult to child simulation
  • 5 training scenarios
  • Automatic or semi-automatic shock simulation
  • CPR Metronome can be turned on or off
  • CPR Breath Prompt can be turned on or off
  • Low battery warning
  • Available in English and French
  • 8 pre-programmed bilingual scenarios simulate various cardiac arrest cases
  • Audible metronone paces CPR chest compressions
  • Audio port allows you to connect speakers so the entire class class can hear
  • P)lug-in design allows for easy upgrades and language changes
  • Meets 2005 ECC guidelines
  • Batteries not included
  • Provides realistic training without the actual charge and discharge of electrical energy
  • Follows the simple operation of the CR Plus and guides users through simulated analysis, energy delivery and prompted CPR intervals
  • All of the functions are programmable to simulate the full range of scenarios possible during "real life" use
  • The instructor can run pre-configured scenarios and create custome scenarios
  • With the remote control, the instructor can interrupt pre-configured routines to simulate events such as patient motion or electrode disconnection