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Disaster Management Systems DMS 05420
Disaster Management Systems DMS 05006
Mettag Products Inc MT-137
North American Rescue 20-0031

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McKesson # 1067770 681739 902733 950135 1141713
Description Triage Tag For Emergency Sites Multi Colors Synthetic Paper 50 per Pack Triage Tag All Risk® For Emergency Sites Multi Colors Standard Synthetic Paper 50 per Pack Triage Tag Mettag® For Emergency Sites Green / White / Yellow 4 X 8-1/4 Inch Blood / Water Proof Triage Tag T2 Tag® For Emergency Sites 1/4 X 3-1/4 X 5-3/5 Inch 1/4 X 3-1/4 X 5-3/5 Inch 20 per Case Triage Tag For Emergency Sites Multi Colors
Manufacturer # DMS 05420DMS 05006MT-13720-003126500-003645
Brand  All Risk®Mettag®T2 Tag® 
Manufacturer Disaster Management SystemsDisaster Management SystemsMettag Products IncNorth American RescueThe Palm Tree Group
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Color Multi colorsMulti colorsGreen / White / YellowMulti colors
Country of Origin United StatesUnited StatesUnited StatesUnknownUnited States
Dimensions 4 X 8-1/4 Inch1/4 X 3-1/4 X 5-3/5 Inch
Material Synthetic PaperSynthetic PaperBlood / Water Proof
Number per Pack 50 per Pack50 per Pack20 per Case
UNSPSC Code 4217150255121503421715024217150242172105
Application Triage TagTriage TagTriage TagTriage TagTriage Tag
Type For Emergency SitesFor Emergency SitesFor Emergency SitesFor Emergency SitesFor Emergency Sites
Features and Benefits
  • Wristband Triage Tag, Includes (50) All Risk(R) Wristband Triage Tags
  • Package Quantity 50
  • An added feature is category check boxes on the wristband making it more difficult for the patient to re-triage themselves
  • Patented one piece fastening system that ensures wristband tags go on quickly and stay on until they are no longer needed
  • New larger more detailed Transportation Receipt, Ambulance Receipt, and downward triage capability
  • Waterproof, Evidence Identification, Primary/Secondary Decon
  • Military standard bar coding for tracking and personal property
  • Start triage prompter
  • Designed to integrate with virtually any triage tracking software available
  • The Original METTAG MT-137 provides first responders and rescue personnel with the standard triaging features needed to enable them to perform a prompt and accurate assessment of a Mass Casualty Incident
  • The MT-137 is used extensively by U.S. military units, fire and EMT personnel, as well as a large number of federal, state and local response agencies, including the Department of Defense
  • Fire resistant
  • Water-proof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Tear-proof
  • UV light and heat resistant
  • A universal tool, with no language barriers, and minimal training for use
  • Standard graphic symbols and a four-color tear-off triaging system
  • Simple and effective tag for fast triaging in the field
  • Unique barcodes for use of tracking and identifying victims and their belongings
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 20 x T2 Tags each containing: 1 x Plastic Sheath with Latex Free Band 1 x NAR T2 Tag® 1 x Chemical Light (red) 1 x Pencil 2 x Set of Quick Reference Status Stickers
  • Can be utilized for adults, children and special populations
  • Easily incorporated into current MCI triage protocols
  • A standardized triage system for all response agencies
  • Pack of 20 T2 tags