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McKesson Brand 183-I86-09406-S
O&M Halyard Inc 89490
Cardinal 29367
DeRoyal 89-5077
McKesson # 1062597 1104440 516633 269526 1061750
Description Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthopedic Drape Pack McKesson Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthopedic Drape Pack Orthopedic Drape Pack
Manufacturer # SPP99TN1AA183-I86-09406-S894902936789-5077
Brand  McKesson   
Manufacturer CardinalMcKesson BrandO&M Halyard IncCardinalDeRoyal
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Contents 1 Back Table Cover, 60 X 90 Inch, Heavy-Duty/Bandage, Esmark, 6 Inch X 12 Foot/Bandage, Self-Adherent, 4 Inch X 5 Yard/Bedside Bag/Blades, #10, Carbon Steel/Blade, #15, Carbon Steel/Blades, #20, Carbon Steel/Drape, Extremity, with Armboard Covers, 106 X 128-1/2 X 87 Inch/Drape, Poly U, with Adhesive, 60 X 72 Inch/Drape, Three-Quarter, 52 X 76 Inch/Gowns, SmartSleeve™, X-Large, Reinforced/Gown, SmartSleeve™, X-Large with Towel/Labels, Blank, 1/2 X 2 Inch, 3/Strip/Marker, Skin, Regular Tip/Mayo Stand Cover, 23 Inch/Medicine Cups, 2 oz./Needle Counter, 20-40 Count, Foam Block,
  • 1-Large Sterile Drape, 60 X 76 Inch
  • 1-Universal Extremity Drape with 2.5-Inch Conformable Fenestration, Absorbent Reinforcement, 90 X 124 Inch
  • 1-Impervious U-Drape 60 X 70, with Spilt 4 X 21 Inch
  • 1-Large Surgical Gown with Towel, Non-Reinforced, Set-in Sleeve, Overwrap
  • 1-Back Table Cover, Zone-Reinforced, 50 X 90 Inch
  • 1-Mayo Stand Cover, SMS-Reinforced, 23 X 54 Inch
  • 1-Hand Towel, White, 15.5 X 22 Inch
  • 1-Suture Bag 11.6 X 6.5 X 2.8 Inch
(1) Body Split Drape, 88 W X 116 L Inch with CONTROL* Plus Reinforcement, Tube Holders / (1) Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape, 100 W X 62 L Inch, with Fluid Collection Pouch with Suction Port, Tube Holder
  • Split Sheet with Pouch and Draw String
Back Table Cover, Reinf, 50 X 90 Inch, Suture Bag, Blade, #15, St. Stainless Steel, 1000 cc Bowl, 2 oz. Medicine Cup, Half Drape 60 X 44 Inch, Hand Drape76 X 142 Inch w/1 Inch Fene, Esmark Blue 4 X 9 Foot, Gauze X-ray 4 X 4 16-ply, 10 Gauze No X-Ray 4 X 4 12-Ply, Non-Rrein X-Large Gown, Non-Rein X-Large Gown w/Towel and Wrap, Dual Tip Skin/Utility Marker, Mayo Stand Cover 23 X 54 Inch, Needle 25 Gauge X 1-1/2 Inch Hypo, Needle Counter 20 CT Foam/Magnet, 18 Gauge X 1.5 Inch Needle Eclipse Safety, 9 X 48 Inch Impervious Stockinette, White 10 cc Luer Lock Syringe, OR, Cotton, Blue Towel
Contents 2 Magnet/Ruler, 6 Inch, Flexible/Sponges, 4 X 4 Inch, 16-Ply, X-Ray/Sponges, Lap, 18 X 18 Inch/Stockinette, 12 X 48 Inch/Suction Handle, Bulbous Tip, Non-Vented/Suction Tubing, 6 mm X 12 Foot/Syringe, Asepto, 50 cc/Towels, Blue, Cotton, 17 X 24 Inch/Basin, Emesis, 700 cc/Basins, Ring 5500 cc/Cautery Pencil, Rocker Switch, with Blade and Holster/Cautery Tip Cleaner/CSR Wrap, 54 X 54 Inch/Pitcher, 1200 cc/Sponge Bowl, 32 oz./Sponge Bowl, 48 oz./Zipper Bag, 2 mil, 8 X 10 Inch
Country of Origin TAA Non-CompliantChinaMexicoDominican RepublicChina
Drape Pack Name Total Knee Plus III PackOrtho Lower Extremity Pack VIArthroscopy Shoulder PackShoulder PackHand Pack I
Latex Free Indicator Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Sterility Sterile
UNSPSC Code 4229541442295414421317014229541442295414
Application Orthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape PackOrthopedic Drape Pack
Features and Benefits
  • McKesson Orthopedic Lower Extremity Drapes Pack 6
  • Convenient sterile-field solution includes key draping components most commonly used in a variety of orthopedic procedures
  • Quality components designed to deliver optimal protection and performance in creating and maintaining a sterile field during surgery
  • Alternative solution to custom packs providing flexibility to fit a wide range of surgeon preferences
  • Featured universal extremity drape features a conformable fenestration allowing maximum compatibility for the broadest range of lower extremity procedures
  • Specifically designed with SMS fabric for fluid repellency to reduce strike-through and additional advanced-reinforcement fabric for high fluid absorbency around the fenestration promoting superior fluid management
  • Includes fabric tube holders for securing tubing and line management
  • Impervious, PE-film U-drape with split design featuring absorbent reinforcement, Edgeguard Technology™ and 2-inch adhesive tape allows drape to conform to surgical site and maintain secure placement throughout procedure
  • AAMI level 3, scrub nurse gown features SMS fabric and set-in sleeves for protection and comfort
  • Impervious equipment covers feature reinforcement layer for puncture resistance
  • Includes large drape sheet made of SMS fabric to provide additional coverage as-needed
  • Pack complete with hand towel and suture bag
  • Disposable design for single sterile use and consistent quality
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Edgeguard® Technology is a trademark of Invenio HealthCare, LLC.
  • Packaged: 1 Pack Each, 4 Packs Per Case