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Cole-Parmer Inst. 90002-03

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Cole-Parmer Inst. 90080-10
PANTek Technologies LLC 15077959
PANTek Technologies LLC 15077944
McKesson # 1047155 775483 939115 703619 646935
Description Digital Thermometer Traceable® Fahrenheit / Celsius -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C) External Probe Multiple Mounting Options Battery Operated Digital Thermometer VWR® Traceable® Big-Digit See-Thru™ Celsius -25° to +70°C Internal Sensor Multiple Mounting Options Battery Operated Digital Thermometer Traceable® Big-Digit See-Thru™ Fahrenheit / Celsius -13° to +158°F (-25° to +70°C) Internal Sensor Multiple Mounting Options Battery Operated Digital Thermometer Fisherbrand™ Traceable® Big-Digit See-Thru™ Fahrenheit -13° to +158°F (-25° to +70°C) Internal Sensor Window / Wall Mount Battery Operated Digital Thermometer Fisherbrand™ Econo Traceable® Fahrenheit / Celsius 14° to 131°F (-9.9° to +55°C) Without External Probe Door / Wall Mount Battery Operated
Manufacturer # 90002-0336934-15890080-101507795915077944
Brand Traceable®VWR® Traceable® Big-Digit See-Thru™Traceable® Big-Digit See-Thru™Fisherbrand™ Traceable® Big-Digit See-Thru™Fisherbrand™ Econo Traceable®
Manufacturer Cole-Parmer Inst.VWR InternationalCole-Parmer Inst.PANTek Technologies LLCPANTek Technologies LLC
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Accuracy ± 1.5°C± 1°C± 1°C± 1°C± 1°C
Country of Origin United StatesUnknownChinaUnited StatesUnited States
Display Specifications Triple Display1-1/4 Inch High Digits1-1/4 Inch High Digits1-1/4 Inch High Digits1/2 Inch High Digits
Display Type Digital DisplayLCD DisplayDigital DisplayDigital DisplayDigital Display
For Use With For RefrigeratorsFor Refrigerators, Storerooms, Fume Hoods, Cleanrooms and Plant AreasFor Refrigerators, Storerooms, Fume Hoods, Cleanrooms and Plant AreasFor Refrigerators, Outdoors, Storerooms, Fume Hoods, Labs, Cleanrooms and Plant AreasFor Refrigerators
Material ABS Plastic Case
Measuring Scale Fahrenheit / CelsiusCelsiusFahrenheit / CelsiusFahrenheitFahrenheit / Celsius
Mounting Type Multiple Mounting OptionsMultiple Mounting OptionsMultiple Mounting OptionsWindow / Wall MountDoor / Wall Mount
Probe Type External ProbeInternal SensorInternal SensorInternal SensorWithout External Probe
Response Time Every 30 Seconds
Specifications 1-1/2 Inch Probe Length3/4 X 3-1/2 X 4-1/4 Inch, 8 oz.3/4 X 3-1/2 X 4-1/4 Inch3/4 X 3-1/2 X 4-1/4 Inch, 8 oz.1/3 X 1 X 2-1/2 Inch
Temperature Range -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)-25° to +70°C-13° to +158°F (-25° to +70°C)-13° to +158°F (-25° to +70°C)14° to 131°F (-9.9° to +55°C)
UNSPSC Code 4111220041112220411122204111222041112220
Application Digital ThermometerDigital ThermometerDigital ThermometerDigital ThermometerDigital Thermometer
Power Source Battery OperatedBattery OperatedBattery OperatedBattery OperatedBattery Operated
Features and Benefits
  • Thermometer displays current, MIN and MAX temperatures
  • Unit captures time and date when the MIN/MAX temperatures occurred
  • Displays 3/8 Inch high digits show the MIN/MAX of ambient or probe temperature, time and month/day
  • Sensor and 6-foot cable perform accurately even when both are underwater
  • Supplied: flip-open stand, wall mounting slot, Velcro®, Traceable® certificate, and alkaline battery
  • Calibrated Thermometer with NIST Traceable Certificate
  • Supplied with mounting tape, pre-cut Velcro® squares, and AAA battery
  • Window or wall mount
  • Automatic minimum/maximum reset
  • Temperatures automatically cleared and updated daily
  • Jumbo, see-thru display automatically clears and updates MIN/MAX readings daily
  • Smart design feature routinely resets MIN/MAX every day
  • Perfect for use in fume hoods, refrigerators, plant areas
  • Can be easily attached to outside of window to show outdoor temperatures
  • Supplied: battery, mounting tape, Velcro© strip, Traceable© certificate
  • Can be attached to the outside of a window to view outdoor temperatures
  • Use outdoors, in storerooms, fume hoods, labs, cleanrooms, refrigerators, and plant areas
  • Transparent display with 1.25 in. (32cm) high digits shows current and minimum/maximum temperatures
  • Automatically clears and updates the min./max. readings daily
  • Resolution: 0.1°
  • Includes: Mounting tape, Velcro™, “AAA%XE2%X80? battery
  • Inexpensive refrigerator thermometer with easy-view display
  • Switchable F/C temperature range
  • Display updates every 30 seconds; allows capturing reading without any effect from open refrigerator door
  • Weights about 0.5 oz
  • Always-hold™ suction cup allows secure placement anywhere inside refrigerator; also supplied with Velcro™ fasteners
  • 0.1°C Resolution
  • 1.5 V Silver Oxide Battery