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Sonic Technology Products SE5000
Sonic Technology Products SE7500
Patterson Medical Supply 564370
Posey 8274
McKesson # 1005642 732023 954022 662816
Description Personal Sound Amplifier SuperEar® 3/4 X 2 X 3 Inch Personal Sound Amplifier SuperEar® Plus Personal Sound Amplifier Pocketalker® Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier Posey®
Manufacturer # SE5000SE75005643708274
Brand SuperEar®SuperEar® PlusPocketalker® UltraPosey®
Manufacturer Sonic Technology ProductsSonic Technology ProductsPatterson Medical SupplyPosey
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Color Black / WhiteBlack / Silver
Contents Amplifier, Headphones, Earbuds, Belt Clip, 1 AAA BatterySE7500 Amplifier, Microphone, Volume Control Wheel, Earbuds, Headphones, 2 AAA Batteries, Clip-On PouchSingle Ear Bud, HeadphonesMicrophone, Soft Ear Buds, LR44 Battery
Country of Origin ChinaChinaUnknownUnknown
Dimensions 3/4 X 2 X 3 Inch
Style Battery Operated
UNSPSC Code 42211700422117004221170042144000
Application Personal Sound AmplifierPersonal Sound AmplifierPersonal Sound AmplifierPersonal Sound Amplifier
Features and Benefits
  • SuperEar SE5000 improves your ability to hear the sounds around you, outdoors or indoors
  • Powerful 50 decibels of sound gain enables you to hear what you've been missing and the versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket
  • Increases sound from up to 100 yards away by up to 50dB
  • Versatile 180 degree swiveling sound boom
  • Easy to use volume control
  • Ideal for conversations, birdwatching, meetings, and watching television
  • Maximum Output: 107 dB
  • Batteries: 1 AAA (included)
  • Frequency Range: 100-14000Hz
  • SuperEar® Plus Model 7500 is designed to help provide clear and crisp ambient sound amplification
  • The redesigned microphone and carrying case help eliminate annoying carry noise
  • The earbuds are easily camoouflaged in public, while the stereo headphones are great for home use
  • The SuperEar®Plus is laboratory tested to the highest standards to increase ambient sound gain 50+ decibels and pick up sounds up to 100 yards away
  • Automatic shut off allows you to extend the 80 hour battery life
  • Automatic shut off
  • Amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise
  • Features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and ease of use
  • Finger-tip adjustable volume control allows you to quickly adjust to your listening environment
  • Works no matter whether your hearing loss is on low frequency or high frequency sounds
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Adjustable volume with dial
  • Soft ear buds
  • LR44 battery