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When you order pharmaceuticals from McKesson Medical-Surgical, you are accessing the buying power and service of the McKesson Corporation. We have access to more brands and have more purchasing power than our competitors. All of which can be at your service.

We offer a complete pharmaceutical portfolio with a wide variety of products, from antibiotics and corticosteriods to generics and speciality drugs, all at a competitive cost. We also carry a full vaccine portfolio that covers newborns to senior citizens. In addition, you can have access to competitively priced private label over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that are of equal or better quality than what's currently available on the market.        

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McKesson Delivers Efficiencies with Pharmaceutical Services

McKesson Medical-Surgical carries pharmaceutical products to help you provide quality patient care, but our services are what set us apart. Our pharmaceutical services are designed to enhance your business and help you manage costs and drive efficiencies.

McKesson CSOSManagerSM - Tired of wasting time filling out DEA 222 Forms? CSOSManagerSM makes ordering controlled substances easy. CSOSManagerSM eliminates the paper 222 triplicate form for CII orders (narcotics) and seamlessly integrates with McKesson SupplyManagerSM to make ordering CIIs easy.

McKesson eSamples - powered by Physicians Interactive, eSamples is a free and secure service that enables eligible prescribers to order pharmaceutical samples online - easily and conveniently. The service is sponsored by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet prescriber requests for consistent sample supplies.

MedFlats - a complete pharmaceutical disposal solution that provides a regulatory compliant way to properly dispose of expired or unwanted meds and capture unrealized supplier credits.

Rx GPO Program Access - McKesson Medical-Surgical has access to all major alternate site GPO contracts, including 340B.

MedPro - Reliable cost-effective medical waste disposal service. MedPro compliantly disposes of medical and biohazardous waste and offers sharps collection and disposal.

McKesson SupplyManagerSM - Facilitates faster and easier supply ordering and expense management.

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