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Case study: Meridian Health Resources creates efficiency by replacing manual accounting processes with McKesson automated tools

McKesson OK to Pay™ and electronic invoicing result in major time and cost savings for a New Jersey health system



Meridian Health Resources, a leading not-for-profit health system in New Jersey, has undergone significant growth in the past 15 years, expanding from 10 practice locations to more than 110. This unprecedented transformation strained Meridian's team members and processes. In order to continue to grow while providing quality care to patients, Meridian needed to streamline its core accounting processes and eliminate inefficiency. 

"Using McKesson's technology tools resulted in tangile process improvements that have allowed us to be more efficient with our time, and have been positive to our bottom line.

The net result: Greater accuracy and dollars saved."

- Meridian Health Resources


Meridian enlisted McKesson Medical-Surgical for its experience in improving efficiency, and as an alternative to purchasing proprietary systems or outside consulting services.

To achieve their goals of improving staff efficiency, workflow, and accuracy, Meridian implemented several McKesson tools:

  • Ok To Pay automated invoice approval to better manage the invoice life cycle. This replaced a heavily manual process which took several hours a week to complete. Implementing Ok To Pay allowed Meridian to automate their approval process, reducing time spent by the practice managers to less than 10 minutes per week.
  • Electronic invoicing with automated general ledger coding. Instead of key-punching payables, an automated email arrives every Monday morning with a list of payables, reducing processing time and decreasing chances for human error.


As Meridian and McKesson enter their second year of collaboration, Meridian has seen impressive results in their efficiency and accuracy.

To date, Meridian has:

  • Reduced frontline hours spent on invoicing by about 20 hours per week, plus additional time savings for the site administrators
  • Achieved an estimated annual cost savings of approximately $20,000 
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