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Breastfeeding and Breast Pumps

When welcoming a new baby, one of the most natural things for your patients to consider is feeding. "Should I breastfeed or bottle feed? If I breastfeed, how will I get milk to my baby when I go back to work? Which breast pump should I use? Can I get a free breast pump through my insurance?"

These are just some of the questions you may find your new mother patients asking. In this article, we address some of these basic questions to help you prepare for this new chapter in their life.

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Changing Our Behavior: Help Improve CMS Survey Compliance and Quality of Life through Enhanced Dementia Patient Care

Alzheimer's and dementia are often viewed as strictly medical problems, with the need to find a medical solution. While there are conditions that can increase the symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia - medications, UTI, constipation, dehydration - it's important to see this not as just a medical problem. In working with patients suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia, improving care giving and communication are of parallel importance. 
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Cybersecurity and the Healthcare Industry

In 2015, the healthcare industry was hit with more cyber-attacks than any other business sector. One hundred million healthcare records were breached at an estimated cost of $200 per patient record. Today, cyber threats continue to be at an all-time high in terms of volume, impact and sophistication.
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Diabetic Skin Care: How to Address Skin Complications Associated with Diabetes

Diabetes can affect every part of the body, including the skin. Because diabetes can cause changes in the small blood vessels and arteries that feed the skin, the health of the skin can be affected. Here, we explore various diabetic skin conditions and how these can be addressed through good skin care.
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Calculating the ROI of Adding Diagnostic Equipment to Your Medical Practice

Adding the latest diagnostic equipment to your medical practice can help you provide better patient care, increase patient satisfaction and create new revenue streams. When adding equipment, however, it is important to keep in mind your patient population and payer mix to avoid an expense that does not benefit your patients or practice.  
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Key Strategies to Improve Your Five-Star Rating

Do you know your Five-Star Rating? If your rating isn't where you want it, help improve it by gaining a better understanding of the Five-Star Rating system and implementing key strategies to help guide you to better outcomes and maintain a competitive edge as a preffered provider.
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A Closer Look at Flu Vaccine: What's Trending, What's Coming

Healthcare providers play a critical role in preparing for each new flu season. Because of the variation from year-to-year, it is important to understand the flu vaccine supply and current influenza guidelines as you prepare for the upcoming season. 
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Exam Gloves: Types, Usage and Recommendations

In order to promote hand hygiene and help prevent cross-contamination between patients and staff, the CDC recommends glove use for all healthcare workers. In this resource, we explore several factors you should consider when choosing an exam glove for your practice, including your practice type and the procedures you perform, as well the various exam glove types available and their basic features.
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Why is Cleaning "Mobile Surfaces" like Healthcare Attire So Important for Infection Prevention?

"Mobile surfaces" such as medical uniforms, scrubs, white coats and footwear can serve as a feeding ground for hungry microbes looking for nutrition and are often overlooked in a facility's infection prevention practices. The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) provides recommendations to prevent transmission of potential infections through healthcare personnel (HCP) clothing in non-operating room settings.    

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MSDS to SDS: Are you ready for the transition?

The transition from material safety data sheets (MSDS) to safety data sheets (SDS) is fast approaching. Is your practice or facility ready for the transition? It may seem like a large task lying ahead of you, but let's help break it down for easier understanding of the what, why, when and how of this transition and what you need to be doing to prepare.  
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What Vaccines are Recommended for Adults?

By Summerpal Kahlon, MD

According to CDC statistics, influenza caused 17,911 hospitalizations in the U.S. during the October to April 2014 flu season. The CDC also notes that roughly 1 in 3 Americans will develop shingles during their lifetimes, with much of the incidence in the elderly; the organization estimates that 96 people a year die from shingles-related illness. The American Lung Association suggests that 175,000 cases of pneumococcal pneumonia are diagnosed annually, with a fatality rate of 5%-7% (higher in the elderly). 

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Selecting X-ray Equipment and Lowering the Cost of Ownership: An Interview with the Experts

There's a lot to consider when selecting X-ray imaging equipment. What kind of X-ray is best for your practice? What's best for the patient? What should you know before you buy? How will new regulations impact reimbursement? These are some of the questions we asked the experts to help you not only select the right x-ray equipment for your needs, but to also help lower the cost of ownership.
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