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Calculating the ROI of Adding Diagnostic Equipment to Your Medical Practice

Adding the latest diagnostic equipment to your medical practice can help you provide better patient care, increase patient satisfaction and create new revenue streams. When adding equipment, however, it is important to keep in mind your patient population and payer mix to avoid an expense that does not benefit your patients or practice.  

Take time to determine your patient needs and staff and space requirements to help you determine what type of diagnostic equipment might benefit your practice or laboratory.

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Business Health

How Well Do You Understand Your Practice?

One of the key standard and highly-recommended business practices is to conduct an annual evaluation of your group's general performance. Learn which 4 areas should always be included in this annual evaluation to help you understand the overall health of your business.
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Navigating Regulatory and Reimbursement Changes

The regulatory changes facing providers shift constantly yet always raise the demand for better clinical outcomes, safer care and improved patient health status all at less cost. Whatever direction-changes the future holds, providers can be successful by mastering four skills.   
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Joining a Hospital System

Thinking about joining a Hospital System? Read this first.

You are an independent practice or group and facing increasing costs and the need to develop an infrastructure to keep up with today's changing reimbursement environment.

What do you do?    

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