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McKesson Paper Products for Enhanced Patient Care

At McKesson Medical-Surgical, we understand that providing quality patient care is one of your top priorities. That's why we offer a broad portfolio of products including table paper, exam gowns and capes, drapes, pillowcases and more - to help you enhance the quality of care with soft, comfortable paper products your patients will appreciate. In addition to comfort, our paper products also offer effective barrier protection for a more hygienic patient experience. 

Within our paper product portfolio, we offer three product tiers to meet your needs:

  • Premium: our highest tier offering
  • McKesson: our middle tier offering
  • Basics: our economy tier offering

While product features and benefits within each tier may vary, all of our products offer the same or better quality than leading national brands at competitive prices, so you can feel confident in both the quality and cost of the products you choose.

Download the complete McKesson Paper Products brochure here.

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Introducing the New McKesson Confiderm® 3.0 Nitrile Exam Glove

In order to promote hand hygiene and help prevent cross-contamination between patients and staff, the CDC recommends glove use for all healthcare workers. That's why it's more important than ever to choose the right glove for your practice. Our McKesson Brands portfolio of gloves is the right fit, offering the quality and protection you need with the cost-effective selection you deserve.

We've recently expanded our exam glove portfolio to include the new McKesson Confiderm 3.0 Nitrile Exam Glove, our thinnest nitrile glove with a high tactile sensitivity.

Features and benefits:
  • Lightly textured fingertips
  • Larger quantity per box to help save time and reduce waste
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Non-sterile
  • Meet ASTM standards
See Complete Exam Glove Catalog

McKesson Surgical Instruments for Precision Patient Care

Our McKesson Brands portfolio of surgical instruments and accessories is suitable for many areas of practice, from community health centers and physician offices to urgent care and ambulatory surgery facilities, and covers a variety of procedures. In addition, we can help you address the challenges of infection prevention and instrument reprocessing with our selection of disinfecting and sterilization products, further supporting your standards of practice and promoting patient safety.

McKesson Argent and McKesson Surgical Instruments

In order to help best suit your needs, we offer two grades in our surgical instrument portfolio - McKesson Argent and McKesson:

  • The McKesson Argent brand represents our premium surgical grade instruments, ideal for more precise procedures
    • Suitable for general and family practices as well as more specialized settings such as ambulatory surgery centers and dermatology clinics
    • Manufactured from German stainless steel to meet Operating Room quality specifications (does not include diagnostic hammers or steelware)
  • The McKesson brand surgical instruments are ideal for routine, in-office use
    • Suitable for general and family practices and pediatrics
    • Manufactured in Pakistan using high-quality stainless steel
Surgical Instrument Catalog

Find the Right Fit with McKesson Surgical Gloves

At McKesson Medical-Surgical, we understand that today's ambulatory surgery center and physician office settings have unique business and product needs. That's why we offer a wide variety of quality, cost-effective products within our own McKesson Brands portfolio, including sterile surgical gloves. Our selection of surgical gloves features the tactile sensitivity and dexterity you want in a glove, while offering the protection you need.

McKesson Perry Polyisoprene Sterile Surgical Gloves Powder-free
  • Manufactured with SureFitTM Technology, designed to adhere to the wearer's protective clothing in order to enhance roll-down protection
  • 100% Polyisoprene glove that delivers the performance characteristics of natural rubber latex without the risk of natural rubber latex sensitization
  • Continuous polymer coating for excellent dry- and damp-hand donnability
  • Glove color: Light green
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New to the Hand Hygiene Portfolio

Created with patients and caregivers in mind, McKesson hand soaps and sanitizers combine antimicrobial properties with emollients for clean, smooth skin, while McKesson moisturizers can help keep skin feeling soft and clean. Our McKesson hand hygiene portfolio offers you the quality and protection you need with the cost-effective options you deserve, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.        

McKesson Foaming Antimicrobial Soap
  • Contains Triclosan 0.375% to kill bacteria on contact
  • Gentle formulation cleans and moisturizes hands
  • Rich in lather to thoroughly clean hands
  • Available in 8.5 oz and 1000 mL sizes
McKesson Foaming Hand Sanitizer, with Aloe
  • Contains 70% v/v Ethanol
  • Moisturizers and emollients protect hands from drying
  • Reduces transient microorganisms on intact skin
  • Features Aloe Vera for added moisture retention
  • Available in 8.5 oz and 1000 mL sizes
See Hand Hygiene Brochure

Rapid Results, Rapid Response

At McKesson Medical-Surgical, we understand the challenges faced by today's physicians and are dedicated to providing accurate, cost-effective solutions. That's why we offer a full line of quality diagnostic testing solutions available in various formats such as dipsticks and cassettes. By bringing point of care testing into your physician office or primary care setting, you can help provide patients with the results they need, now.

Solutions include:
  • Strep A
  • Infectious Mononucleosis
  • H. pylori
  • hCG/Pregnancy
See Rapid Diagnostics Brochure

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Diagnose COPD with the Lumeon® Series Spirometry System

Spirometry is the quickest and easiest method to diagnose COPD and is recognized as the standard measure for the accurate measurement of lung function.

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Here's How

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Offer rapid results with Consult Diagnostics iFOBT.

  • For in vitro diagnostic use
  • CLIA waived
  • MFR No. 4487
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