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UPrevent is Your "Hub" for All Things Infection Prevention

At McKesson Medical-Surgical, we understand that protecting patients and employees from exposure to disease is a concern in all your healthcare facilities. Hospitals, post acute and ambulatory care providers are required to meet certain regulatory and accreditation requirements. UPrevent is grouped by infection prevention topics so you know exactly where to look for pertinent materials. All the resources are arranged logically to guide your infection prevention research including guidelines and regulations, forms/checklists, education materials, training modules and educational presentations. Each topic is arranged by healthcare segment to help providers develop and maintain infection prevention programs within the continuum of care, from the hospital to the surgery center, from the doctor's office to the long term care facility.


Regulations and Guidelines

Designed to help each of your specific health system facilities maintain compliance with the recommended practices and the most recent regulations and guidelines from CDC, OSHA, WHO, APIC, The Joint Commission, and other governing organizations for infection control.

Flu Prevention

Protecting your healthcare workers and your patients, residents depends on solid infection prevention techniques, as well as the seasonal forecast. Access the latest information to help each of your healthcare settings get flu ready with targeted infection prevention strategies, as well find the latest flu vaccine updates.

Universal/Standard Precautions

Protect both your patients, residents and healthcare workers from contact with infectious agents. This section you will information on hand washing, personal protective equipment, respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette, standard precautions and surface disinfection all of which are important to the success of all infection prevention programs.

Environmental Disinfection

Policies and procedures should be established for routine and targeted cleaning and disinfecting of environmental surfaces in patient/resident care areas is a critical component of infection prevention in your facilities. Medical equipment and instruments/devices must be cleaned and maintained according to manufacturer's instructions to prevent person-to-person transmission of infectious agents. Resources can be found specific to all your care settings, from acute, post acute and ambulatory care.

Safe Injection Practices

Safe injection practices are aimed at maintaining basic levels of patient and resident safety and healthcare provider protections. Unsafe injection practices place your health care workers, patients and residents at risk to transmit blood borne pathogens.

Decontamination & Sterilization

Utilization of decontamination and sterilization procedures are essential safeguards to ensure that medical and surgical instruments and equipment do not transmit infections to patients. This section addresses intermediate and low level disinfection, high level disinfection and instrument decontamination, sterility assurance and point of care cleaning.

Surgical Site Infection Prevention

Many factors including the lack of standard protocol for post-discharge surveillance, improper skin/surgical site preparation, improper temperature regulation, lack of blood sugar (glucose) monitoring, and pre-existing microorganism colonization contribute increase a patient's risk in acquiring a post surgical infection. View the recommended guidelines, resources and educational presentations for your hospital, physician office, ASC and long term care facilities.  


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