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Reimbursement Outlook for Physician Offices and Other Outpatient Settings

Linda Rouse O'Neill Vice President of Government Affairs, HIDA
  • For medical practices
  • Learn about fee schedule updates for physicians, as well as changes in other non-acute segments
  • Get the latest on value-based payment modifiers and quality reporting
  • Understand the implications of the potential SGR cut and prospects for a permanent "fix"

Using Technology to Better Manage the Supply Chain

Jayme White Director of Technology Sales, McKesson Medical-Surgical
  • For medical practices
  • Learn about various solutions that can help automate the management of supplies
  • Understand how technology can drive efficiencies within your facility
  • Hear other healthcare providers' success stories

Infection Prevention in Outpatient Settings

J. Hudson Garrett Jr., Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical Affairs, PDI, Inc.
  • For medical practices
  • Review the common sources of healthcare-associated infection outbreaks in outpatient settings
  • Discuss CDC evidence-based practices for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections
  • Review appropriate steps to mitigate the risk for emergent infectious diseases in outpatient settings

Primary Care Health Policy Update: Policy Trends Impacting Providers in Private Practice

Mary McDevitt, Director of Policy and Communications Strategy McKesson Public Affairs
  • For medical practices
  • Get updates on health policy trends in Congress and state legislatures across the country and the impact of the mid-term elections
  • Understand how proposed changes to laws and regulations may impact providers in private practice
  • Learn the latest about healthcare reform implementation and what to expect for 2015

Soft Surfaces Contamination in Healthcare Settings

Kelly A. Reynolds, M.S.P.H., Ph.D.
  • For medical practices
  • Understand the healthcare soft surfaces prone to contamination and the pathogens that can persist on soft surfaces
  • Learn about the risks contaminated soft surfaces can pose to patients and staff and the latest research focused on soft surface decontamination strategies
  • Hear practical recommendations for eliminating bacteria from soft surfaces in physician offices and outpatient clinic settings

Driving Efficiencies through the ICD-10 Transition

Carey Manning, Product Marketing Manager, athenahealth
  • For medical practices
  • Learn about the financial and clinical impact of ICD-10 on practices
  • Understand key areas to consider to ensure a smooth transition
  • Learn about the questions you should be asking your vendors
  • Hear what to do when payers are not ICD-10 ready
  • Learn about where you should be in your preparation and how to catch up

Preventing Dehydration in the Elderly

Lisa Logan, R.D., CNSC
  • For extended care
  • Understand the various risk factors and causes of dehydration
  • Understand clinical parameters used to assess hydration status, along with methods to calculate fluid requirements
  • Learn strategies that will help prevent dehydration from occurring in the elderly population

Strategies and Interventions to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls in Extended Care

Beth Hudson RN, CWCN and Patricia Howell, RN BSN
  • For extended care
  • The purpose of this program is to educate clinicians on patient falls in extended care facilities. This program will discuss the statistics and costs associated with falls in extended care facilities, as well as how to identify and assess patients who may be at risk for a fall. The program will also review various guidelines and standards on fall prevention, along with strategies to reduce patient falls and fall-related injuries.

How to Meet the Challenges of Infection Prevention in Extended Care

Patricia Howell, RN BSN
  • For extended care
  • Seasonal flu basics
  • Is it flu or ebola?
  • Define healthcare-associated infections
  • Antibiotic use
  • Describing methods to reduce the risk of infection transmission by implementing infection prevention strategies in the extended care setting

Wound Assessment

Laura Dahl Popkes RN, CWOCN
  • For extended care
  • List four possible causes of non-pressure related wounds
  • Discuss the NPUAP Pressure Ulcer Staging System and definitions for each category.
  • Describe the method for measuring and documenting tunneling and/or undermining.
  • Distinguish between healthy, unhealthy and necrotic wound tissue.

Keys to Staffing Success: Proven Tips to Improve Quality, Care and Costs

Irene Fleshner RN, MHA, FACHE and Mark Woodka, CEO for OnShift
  • For extended care
  • Consider acuity, census and activity within staffing plans
  • Improve quality and efficiency through employee engagement
  • Manage labor costs without frustrating clinical executives

Raising Awareness: New Enteral Feeding Connectors

Lisa Logan R.D.,CNSC
  • For extended care
  • What changes will take place
  • When they will happen
  • What caregivers should do when they receive their feeding sets with this new connector
  • Where anyone can go to get more information

Prevention, Assessment and Treatment Guidelines for Skin Tears

Mary Petersen RN, BSN,CWOCN
  • For extended care
  • Healthcare professionals must be equipped to manage skin tears when they do occur. This webinar will help clinicians save patients undue pain and suffering by becoming cognizant of which individuals are at risk for developing skin tears, how to prevent these wounds and how to treat them once they occur using appropriate non-adherent dressings. The webinar is based on a "Tool Kit" published in 2013 by the International Skin Tear Advisory Panel.

Learn How to Use the INTERACT Quality Management Program

Dr. Joseph Ouslander, M.D.
  • For extended care
  • Describe the current landscape of health care reform and funding that make the INTERACT" QIP an essential QI initiative for Post-Acute Care organizations
  • Provide a broad overview of the INTERACT" QIP relevant to primary care clinicians in Post-Acute Care organizations
  • Identify leadership strategies to review readmission data, benchmarking performance and sustainability

Technology Solutions for Ophthalmic Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)

Jayme White, Director of Technology Sales, McKesson Medical-Surgical
  • For ambulatory surgery centers
  • Summary of the technology solutions that can help ASCs improve efficiency and better manage workflow
  • Understand the importance of technology to improve processes for managing lens consignment programs
  • Understand how electronic implant management drives efficiencies and reduces waste

Five Ideas for Improving Purchasing Efficiency

Elizabeth Hilla, Senior Vice President, HIDA
  • For medical practices
  • Reduce total costs by focusing on not just supply costs, but opportunity costs as well
  • Learn what "logical unit of measure" means, and why it's important
  • Understand why standardization matters, and how to increase it
  • Apply best supply chain practices from other markets to improve efficiency in the physician practice setting

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