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The Changing Look of Care Published: 09-03-2020 Brought to you by McKesson The way you care for patients may have changed, but the impact you make on their lives is the same. That's why you need the support of a team to get you the products, solutions and resources to help keep them safe. Watch this video and learn how we're delivering for you, every step of the way.
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Supporting our frontline heroes Published: 07-14-2020 Brought to you by McKesson Whatever your days are like right now, we know you're delivering a difference. That's why our teams are committed to supporting the work you do, so you can focus on what matters most: the health of your patients. Watch this video to learn more about how we're supporting frontline heroes throughout the pandemic and beyond.  
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McKesson Business Analytics℠ Published: 03-10-2020 Brought to you by McKesson McKesson Business Analytics (MBA) gives you real-time, actionable insights into your business so you can identify trends in spending, benchmark your performance, drive compliant purchasing behavior and more.
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McKesson Distribution Services Published: 03-09-2020 Brought to you by McKesson At McKesson, we understand how important it is to deliver medical products and supplies to our customers and their patients on time. That's why we're committed to investing in our distribution capabilities. Learn about how some of our recent advancements in distribution center technologies help us deliver for you.
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McKesson Delivers: Lauren’s Story Published: 06-17-2019 Brought to you by McKesson Meet Lauren. She's a new mom to triplets, who were ten weeks premature. Lauren's babies needed to be fed by feeding tube when they came home, and Lauren was worried about how to care for her new babies. But with support from McKesson, Lauren could rest easy that the medical supplies she needed would be there, when she needed them. 
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McKesson Delivers for Home Medical Equipment Providers Published: 06-06-2019 Brought to you by McKesson Meet Juliana, a fifteen-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder requiring many medical supplies for her at-home care. Her family's trusted relationship with their HME provider enables her to receive the quality care she needs, and McKesson is proud to be a part of stories like this.
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5 Ways to Simplify Your Workflow Published: 03-05-2019 Brought to you by McKesson Get ready to cut the paperwork! From invoice summaries and notifications to online learning management, we offer solutions to help improve overall efficiency and save you time and money. Learn how Relaymed™, MedTrainer® and McKesson SuppyManager℠ tools, Okay to Pay and McKesson CSOSManager℠, can help you cut the paperwork today.
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Welcome to the New McKesson SupplyManager Published: 01-09-2019 Brought to you by McKesson Are you ready to get more out of McKesson SupplyManager℠? Watch this video to get a sneak peek at exciting enhancements and new features coming your way soon. From a new look to improved functionality, we're making things better so you can get the most out of your online ordering experience!
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McKesson Lab SD2 Overview Published: 09-24-2018 Brought to you by McKesson Is your lab facing labor and cost containment challenges? McKesson Lab SD2 ℠, our lab optimization and intelligence standardization solution, can help. Featuring tools like auto-verification, McKesson Lab SD2 helps return hundreds of hours back to the lab, reduce turnaround time, improve quality of results and more.
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McKesson FluWise Published: 09-18-2018 Brought to you by McKesson How are you preparing for the flu each season? Let McKesson FluWise help you get ready for flu, with our comprehensive program giving you access to variety of professional flu products, savings and stability, and support every step of the way. Learn more about McKesson FluWise and how we can help.
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McKesson Delivers the Difference Published: 08-08-2018 Brought to you by McKesson During last year's record hurricane season, McKesson's distribution teams stepped up to deliver much-needed emergency supplies and unparalleled service to Florida's healthcare providers, going beyond the call of duty to deliver the difference.
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Relias Learning Management System Published: 06-27-2018 Brought to you by Relias Want to learn more about what Relias LMS brings to the table? Watch this short video to see how this learning management system and McKesson can help simplify enforcing, tracking and reporting on staff training while helping to maximize compliance and reduce risk.