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McKesson Business Analytics Watch Now
McKesson Business Analytics℠ Published: 03-10-2020 Brought to you by McKesson McKesson Business Analytics (MBA) gives you real-time, actionable insights into your business so you can identify trends in spending, benchmark your performance, drive compliant purchasing behavior and more.
McKesson Ecommerce Solutions Watch Now
McKesson Ecommerce Solutions Published: 07-10-2019 Brought to you by McKesson Watch this video to learn how we can help you capitalize on the $12 billion healthcare ecommerce market, giving you access to more than 15,000 quality medical products and equipment, strategic merchandising support and our nationwide distribution network featuring next-day delivery to 95% of the U.S.
Clinical Connection: Patient-Driven Payment Model Watch Now
Patient-Driven Payment Model Published: 05-23-2019 Watch this webinar to learn more about the new patient-driven payment model (PDPM) and its components, as well as to identify strategies to ensure your organization's interdisciplinary documentation is ready to support PDPM.
Solutions to Cut the Paperwork Video Watch Now
5 Ways to Simplify Your Workflow Published: 03-05-2019 Brought to you by McKesson Get ready to cut the paperwork! From invoice summaries and notifications to online learning management, we offer solutions to help improve overall efficiency and save you time and money. Learn how Relaymed™, MedTrainer® and McKesson SuppyManager℠ tools, Okay to Pay and McKesson CSOSManager℠, can help you cut the paperwork today.
McKesson CSOSManager Video Watch Now
McKesson CSOSManager Published: 11-16-2018 Brought to you by McKesson Controlled substance ordering made easy. Save time and avoid the hassle of paper 222 triplicate forms for CII narcotic orders with McKesson CSOSManager℠.
Okay to Pay Video Watch Now
Okay to Pay Published: 10-25-2018 Brought to you by McKesson Are you ready to go paperless? Okay to Pay is our solution to paperless processing, allowing you to accept and approve your invoices right from your McKesson SupplyManager℠ account.
Clinical Connection: Key Steps to Driving Cash Sales Video Watch Now
Key Steps for Driving Cash Sales Published: 05-30-2018 Brought to you by VGM Watch this webinar to learn key steps for driving cash sales, important steps for enhancing cash flow and actionable retail tactics to help drive growth. Also learn about important product categories that may be essential for serving HME/DME patient populations. Hosted by VGM Retail Services.
Clinical Connection: Four Patient Pay Collection Tactics That Work Video Watch Now
Four Patient Pay Collection Tactics That Work Published: 11-28-2017 Brought to you by athenahealth How much of the patient's share of your fee goes uncollected? David Clain, Senior Manager of Physician Performance Research at athenahealth, discusses the current trend toward higher patient pay responsibilities and share the best practices that help improve collections.
Quality One Evaluate video Watch Now
Quality One: Establish Real-Time Quality Processes Published: 06-22-2017 Brought to you by McKesson Watch the McKesson Quality One video and gain insight on how we can help streamline workflow and provide the framework to deliver consistent quality care - helping better leverage areas of excellence to promote future success for your facility.
Quality One Respond video Watch Now
Quality One: Respond to Issues Published: 06-22-2017 Brought to you by McKesson When issues relating to care arise and benchmarks are exceeded, McKesson Quality One prepares your facility to respond by providing recommendations to address specific care issues, helping facilities quickly improve outcomes. Watch the McKesson Quality One: Responding to Issues video now.