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McKesson Quality One™

The journey to quality begins with CARE

McKesson Quality One is your quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) solution.

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McKesson Quality One offers you an innovative, web-based tool to manage the quality assurance (QA) processes at your facility, in virtually every discipline, every day. Developed by both clinicians and administrators, the system is easy to use and efficient, allowing clinicians to address the critical quality needs of your facility while focusing more time on what they do best – delivering better CARE. And administrators will take advantage of a range of insights, helping streamline business and build a strong referral network.

What’s New with McKesson Quality One?

As quality regulations and survey processes change, we continually reevaluate and update McKesson Quality One to better meet the evolving needs of long term care facilities.
  • Now powered by Pathway Health, experts in long term care quality, to bring deep subject matter expertise
    • All new facility-wide assessment feature, designed to help long term care providers assess the resources required to care for residents in day-to-day operations and emergencies
    • New QAPI plan template brings together key elements of the required QAPI plan at the facility level
    • One platform to upload and store critical quality documents for quick, easy access throughout the year

Collect Pertinent Patient Information

Quality One: Collect Pertinent Patient Information

Published on June 22, 2017 McKesson Quality One easily integrates into your existing quality assurance program, and is accessible to clinicians and administrators from any device. Watch the McKesson Quality One: Collect Pertinent Patient Information video now.

Assess Outcomes Against Benchmarks

Quality One: Assess Outcome Against Benchmarks

Published on June 22, 2017 McKesson Quality One puts important data at your fingertips - from a resident's perception of their care, to MDS quality indicators, to national rehospitalization rates. Watch the McKesson Quality One: Assess Outcome Against Benchmarks video now. 

Respond to Issues

Quality One: Respond to Issues

Published on June 22, 2017 When issues relating to care arise and benchmarks are exceeded, McKesson Quality One prepares your facility to respond by providing recommendations to address specific care issues, helping facilities quickly improve outcomes. Watch the McKesson Quality One: Responding to Issues video now. 

Establish Real-Time Quality Processes

Quality One: Establish Real-Time Quality Processes

Published on June 22, 2017 Watch the McKesson Quality One video and gain insight on how we can help streamline workflow and provide the framework to deliver consistent quality care - helping better leverage areas of excellence to promote future success for your facility.

Let McKesson Quality One help you improve quality care, survey outcomes and resident satisfaction.

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