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Controlled Substance Ordering

Controlled substance ordering made easy

Save time and avoid the controlled substance ordering hassles of manual processing by eliminating the paper 222 triplicate form for all CII narcotic orders. McKesson CSOSManager℠ can help.

CSOS = Controlled Substance Ordering System

Order everything you need – from CII narcotics and medical-surgical supplies, to office supplies – all in one convenient order through McKesson CSOSManager℠. Seamlessly integrated with McKesson SupplyManager℠, our online ordering system, CSOSManager allows access to our broad selection of CII narcotics, along with immediate access to electronic reports and easy online returns. Using DEA-approved “Public Key Infrastructure” (PKI) technology, CSOSManager transacts CII narcotic orders electronically and securely.

McKesson CSOSManager offers:

  • Fewer errors
  • Unlimited lines per order
  • Faster processing
  • No additional cost
  • Secure transactions
  • Flexibility

McKesson CSOSManager

Published on November 16, 2018 Controlled substance ordering made easy. Save time and avoid the hassle of paper 222 triplicate forms for CII narcotic orders with McKesson CSOSManager℠.

“CSOSManager saves our center up to eight hours per month. It’s been great — completing 222s used to be a bottleneck that would slow down the workflow of the entire office.”

– Debbie Hall, Administrator at High Plains Surgery Center

McKesson CSOSManager vs. a Paper-based System

Paper-Based System

McKesson CSOSManager

Limited to 10 lines per order No limit on line items
Paper 222 forms must be signed and filled out manually Orders are signed electronically using a password-protected digital certificate
Paper 222 forms are required to be mailed to McKesson to process orders Orders are signed and sent within seconds — no delay; no mailing cost
Delays could result due to missing or inaccurate information Fewer order errors with a pre-populated digital form
No visibility to inventory status at the time of order Provides inventory status (low inventory/ backorder message) at time of order

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