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Laboratory Management and Process Optimization

Extend the capacity of your lab staff and enhance quality metrics with McKesson Lab SD2

Powered by Data Innovations® and supported by our team of experts, this customized lab management software is built to help laboratories analyze, standardize, and optimize their processes. From a simple interface engine to full workflow optimization, get the intelligence you need for smart laboratory management.

McKesson Lab SD2 Overview

Published on September 24, 2018 Is your lab facing labor and cost containment challenges? McKesson Lab SD2 ℠, our lab optimization and intelligence standardization solution, can help. Featuring tools like auto-verification, McKesson Lab SD2 helps return hundreds of hours back to the lab, reduce turnaround time, improve quality of results and more.


Quickly and easily connect all the instruments in your network, regardless of manufacturer, to laboratory information systems (LIS) or electronic medical records (EMR) systems. With Lab SD2 you can quickly and easily interface directly with:

  • McKesson Medical Surgical's Lab SD2 lab software has no limitation on size of facility or network.Multiple sites across your network
  • LIS, EMR, and EHR systems
  • Regional and national reference laboratories
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP) and other organizations for proficiency testing
  • Live, test and simulation (onboard) environments at the same time
  • Bidirectionally or unidirectionally with quality control (QC) packages such as Bio-Rad Unity Real Time®
  • Homegrown applications Lab SD2 is flexible enough to meet the needs of your network, with no limitations on the number of interfaces and hardware that can be virtual or cloud-based.


Most clinical labs spend more than half of their time reviewing results – which are typically 95% acceptable.1 This can lead to staff fatigue and shortages, slow turnaround times, and increased potential for errors. Autoverification automates result interpretation and the rapid release of acceptable values. The Lab SD2 autoverification module can be customized to any laboratory, laboratory information system, instrument, network, or provider’s needs. It eliminates concerns over standardized rule packages and inadequate project resources.

Lab SD2 can augment your laboratory information system to overcome limitations by implementing complex algorithms, ensuring the most stringent criteria are applied to every result. It has improved efficiency, capacity, and quality of results by implementing autoverification at rates of >90% in laboratories nationwide.2

Lab SD2 can increase lab efficiency.

Our technical team will help ensure autoverification quality through the SMART TESTS℠ design process:

  • Managing the implementation project and providing on-site training
  • Assisting with writing, customizing and optimizing autoverification algorithms
  • Running on-board simulators and test scenarios to pre-validate algorithms and rules
  • Designing department-specific screens and dashboards for streamlined exceptions review and optimal laboratory management

Lab SD2 has been proven to significantly improve the speed of delivering high quality results into the hands of the provider to save lives and improve patient care.


All labs are unique, which is why McKesson Lab SD2 is customizable to meet your lab’s individual needs. Our team of highly-trained LEAN Six Sigma certified consultants are here to help. Our consulting process includes:Lab SD2 is customizable to meet your lab's individual needs.

  • Understanding your critical requirements and improvement goals
  • Project management of software installation
  • Interfacing with instruments, LIS, EMR, reference laboratories, CAP℠ and third-party quality control (QC) programs
  • Onsite training on autoverification, laboratory intelligence dashboards and monitoring, advanced connectivity and more
  • Instruction and assistance with testing and validation
  • Recommending best practices for lab operational procedures
  • Providing ongoing support to ensure the software meets your needs


Lab SD2 is able to help optimize the laboratory with features such as:

Autoverification – McKesson developed the SMART TESTS℠ autoverification design process to help laboratories easily implement and validate autoverification. Confidently achieve >90% autoverification in all areas of the lab improving efficiency, capacity, and quality of results.

Laboratory Intelligence – Monitor the performance of one or multiple labs with customizable dashboards that display real-time information.

Department-Specific Work Cells – Manage quality and operations with customized informatics including review screens, work lists, critical lists, images, color coding, customized complete blood count differential keypads and more.

Integrated Quality Control – Collect and evaluate QC in real time, incorporating rules into autoverification algorithms and automatically uploading peer group data for evaluation.

LIS Migration and Backup Capability – Make it easier to migrate to a new LIS by testing, validating and going live in parallel, and use Lab SD2 as a backup in the case of network connectivity issues or downtime.

Maintenance Management – Maintain equipment with instructional guidance, calendar reminders, accurate and consolidated logs and maintenance process monitoring to help ensure the lab is ‘inspection ready’ at all times.

Moving Averages – Monitor production in real time using state-of-the-art moving average algorithms with fully customizable exclusion rules.

Specimen Archiving – Increase efficiency and eliminate lost specimens by using Lab SD2 technology to accurately archive and recall samples across or between laboratories.

Notifications – Provide notifications by text, email, light poles or pop-ups across the lab based on defined rules — either for clinical or technical needs.

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Lab SD2 software is powered by Data Innovations Instrument ManagerSM. CAP is a registered service mark of the College of American Pathologists non-profit corporation, 325 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL 60093.

2Small hospital study of active Lab SD2 users completed by LABSCO in February 2016 by anonymous survey questionnaire

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