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Thank you for what you do each and every day to provide the best possible care for your patients. We celebrate that care and want to share your stories!


McKesson delivers care by providing caregivers like you with the products and support you need to care for your patients. To celebrate healthcare providers and your patients, we’re spotlighting stories we’ve received and invite you to share your own!

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Meet Lauren

McKesson Delivers: Lauren’s Story

Published on June 17, 2019 Meet Lauren. She's a new mom to triplets, who were ten weeks premature. Lauren's babies needed to be fed by feeding tube when they came home, and Lauren was worried about how to care for her new babies. But with support from McKesson, Lauren could rest easy that the medical supplies she needed would be there, when she needed them. 

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Supporting Providers Like You

Whether you’re a nurse, a doctor or an administrator in a physician’s office, community health center, long term care center, or anywhere between, we work hard to support the important work you do every day to provide quality care to your patients. The stories below are from providers like you, sharing why they deliver care.

I Deliver Care For: Mary Kay's story video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Mary Kay’s Story Published: 03-22-2018 Brought to you by McKesson Home health nurse Mary Kay Hermann knows home is a place where patients “love to be.” “Our patients want to be home and we want to help them stay home.” Mary Kay is working to help home health become stronger and more involved with other health providers in the care and treatment of patients. “It’s a service that's gonna grow and needs to grow because we’re all getting older,” says Mary Kay. And also because home is where the patient’s heart is.
Charlotte Hall Veterans' Home Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Charlotte Hall Veterans Home’s Story Published: 02-13-2018 Brought to you by McKesson "We have the unique honor and privilege of delivering care to some of our country's finest veterans," say care providers Heyward Hilliard and Sharon Murphy of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home in Maryland. Charlotte Hall delivers care and services such as activities, meals and therapy for America's heroes. "We're happy to do it and we proudly serve those who served us."
Heroes for Children Video Watch Now
McKesson Delivers: Heroes for Children’s Story Published: 11-14-2017 Brought to you by McKesson The Heroes for Children Milestones Program helps families to recognize special moments (milestones) in the lives of children diagnosed with cancer. Heroes for Children provides financial support and event coordination for the celebration of major life events, such as birthdays, holidays, proms, graduations and weddings, allowing these families to “just be normal, just for a little bit.”
La Clinica de La Raza's Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: La Clinica de La Raza’s Story Published: 08-28-2017 La Clinica de La Raza celebrates 40 years of providing care to the low income communities of the East Bay in California. The staff at La Clinica provides comprehensive healthcare services to their patients and are committed to improving the health of their community.
Access Community Health Center's Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Access Community Health Center’s Story Published: 08-25-2017 Access Community Health Centers really lives up to its name, providing care to people in their community who really do need to see a doctor but do not have “access” to one. The health center has grown from a little house on a side street to a federally-qualified health center with five locations serving thousands of patients each day in the Madison, WI, area. According to Access staff, having “a place in the neighborhood” where patients can go and feel respect and get quality healthcare is “huge.”
Stone Mountain Health Services's Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Stone Mountain Health Services’s Story Published: 08-24-2017 Patient health is the priority at Stone Mountain Health Services, where the staff is focused on listening to their patients and their healthcare concerns so they can better meet their needs. But what makes Stone Mountain really special is the staff actually lives in the communities they serve.
Dr. Butcher's Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Dr. Butcher’s Story Published: 08-07-2017 Brought to you by McKesson Pediatrician Dr. Brian Butcher delivers care for children and feels blessed to be a part of his patients’ lives from infancy to adulthood, calling it a “beautiful thing.” Aside from caring for his patients' health, he strives to help educate, guide and direct children to become the best people they can possibly be.
McKesson Delivers Jacquan Video Watch Now
McKesson Delivers: Connor’s Heroes’ Story Published: 01-03-2017 Brought to you by McKesson Watch the Connor's Heroes story and how they have provided emotional and financial support to more than 1,000 children while they fight childhood cancer. Their mission is to build a community of heroes so that these children, and their families, know they are never alone.
Abbie's Home Health Agency Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Abbie’s Home Health Agency Story Published: 11-23-2016 Brought to you by McKesson Abbie Murphy is a Registered Nurse from Cleveland, TX. Every day at her home health agency, she cares for patients who are struggling with chronic illnesses and she knows how much they depend on her and her fellow caregivers to help them get healthy.
McKesson Delivers Dawne Video Watch Now
McKesson Delivers: Dawne’s American Cancer Society Story Published: 10-20-2016 Brought to you by McKesson Watch Dawne Gee, caregiver and cancer survivor, tell us how important it is to have someone in your corner when you're fighting for your life, and the American Cancer Society has been that caring support for her and her family.
Afton's Story Video Watch Now
#idelivercarefor: Afton’s Story Published: 08-01-2016 Brought to you by McKesson Watch Afton's story, a labor and delivery nurse from Richmond, VA. She's our first winner and we are donating $1000 in her name to her chosen charity. Watch her story to hear how much she loves caring for her patients and their families!
McKesson Deliver's Jack's Story Video Watch Now
McKesson Delivers: Jack’s Story Published: 06-26-2016 Brought to you by McKesson This is Jack - an extraordinary boy with an inspiring story. He's recently faced some difficult times and we were fortunate enough to be a part of his journey to recovery. Watch to witness a special moment he shared with the crew at one of our distribution centers.

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