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Laboratory Consulting

From setup, to ongoing lab consulting, and compliance training, our MedSol program’s licensed professionals can provide the support you need for your laboratory.

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Lab Setup

Lab setup assistance from McKesson Medical-Surgical.MedSol’s lab setup option provides assistance with licensure, personnel verification, development of policy and procedure, QA plans, validation study development, and general guidance throughout lab setup. The reference lab setup option includes a customized CD for Client Services Directory according to CLIA requirements.┬áMedSol’s lab consulting includes ongoing support with monthly calls or site visits to discuss and assess quality control, maintenance, proficiency, and quality assessment for continued compliance in the laboratory setting.

The Lab Setup Option Includes:
  • CLIA licensure or upgrade applications
  • State-specific licensure application
  • Enrollment in proficiency testing
  • Evaluation of laboratory director and personnel qualifications
  • Enrollment in laboratory director course
  • Enrollment with accreditation organization if desired
  • Compilation of general laboratory policy and procedure manual
  • Compilation of assay-specific policy
  • Compilation of a complete quality assessment plan
  • General laboratory safety policy
  • Data reduction with validation of analyzers
  • All logs for reagent inventory, temperature, QC and patient testing
  • General guidance for proper CPT coding
  • Preparation for CLIA or accreditation organization survey and inspection process

Ongoing Lab Consulting & Technical Support

Ongoing laboratory consultant services from McKesson Medical-Surgical.Whether on-site, or by phone, fax or email, MedSol’s ongoing lab consulting provides you with a choice of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or six-month review of all quality control, quality assessment, calibration, maintenance, proficiency testing, and personnel records. Ongoing consulting updates you on CLIA and state regulatory changes. MedSol’s licensed professionals can help ensure your lab is efficient, compliant and continues to provide quality testing.

The Ongoing Consulting Option Includes:
  • Monthly review of quality control
  • Monthly review of quality assessment plan
  • Schedule for performance of calibration and calibration verification
  • Data reduction for six-month calibration verification studies
  • Review of proficiency testing with remedial action as warranted
  • Notification for renewal of licensure
  • Updates for all CLIA and state-specific regulatory requirements
  • Assistance with validation studies for new testing
  • Patient population reference range verification
  • Update to policy and procedure manual as warranted
  • Annual competency reviews

Case Study

Learn how Downriver Medical Associates improved clinical efficiency at its new on-site clinical laboratory with the help of MedSol Laboratory Consulting.

OSHA Compliance

Laboratory compliance trainingYour MedSol lab consultant provides annual OSHA and safety training and customized OSHA and safety manuals. MedSol lab consultants may also perform post OSHA inspection cleanup for any citations incurred during inspection. Annual OSHA training webinars can also be provided for all employees in a clinical setting.


Our OSHA and Safety Manual Includes:
  • General safety and compliance
  • Bloodborne pathogens and exposure control
  • Tuberculosis infection control
  • Hazard communications
  • Biomedical waste management
  • Training materials with training DVD
  • All necessary forms and required logs
  • Hazard rating chart
  • It’s the Law poster
  • One year subscription to OSHA News and Updates

Laboratory Strategy & Management

Ongoing lab consultingMedSol support includes many support services designed to help you provide continued quality testing. These services ensure your lab is efficient and financially healthy with a commitment to assist in improving patient outcomes.


MedSol Consultants Can Provide:
  • Introduction to Lab Training course
  • On-site mock inspections
  • Cost analyses and feasibility studies
  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Post inspection correction and restorative processes
  • Project management for large lab setups

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