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Respiratory Care

McKesson Respiratory Companion

A McKesson Clinical Connection™ support resource

With respiratory diseases being listed as the fourth most common health concern for those aged 65 years and older1, we understand the importance of providing quality respiratory care to your patients and residents.

Drive sales and deliver improved patient outcomes with help from our McKesson Respiratory Companion program, a featured McKesson Clinical Connection™ support resource. We’ve brought together a selection of high-demand products and learning resources – from oxygen, medication delivery and tracheotomy care products to clinical education for supporting care – all focused on your business’s needs.

The McKesson Respiratory Companion includes:

Oxygen Therapy and Medication Delivery Reference Guide

For the care of patients suffering an oxygen deficit due to conditions such as COPD, pneumonia and asthma.

  • Oxygen therapy products
  • Medication delivery products
  • Nebulizer and concentrator supplies

Tracheostomy Care Reference Guide

For the care of patients with restricted airways due to conditions such as cancer, chronic lung disease and infection.

  • Tracheostomy tubes
  • Masks
  • Nebulizer kits
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  • Oxygen Therapy and Medication Delivery
  • Tracheostomy Care Reference Guide