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Reducing Hospital Readmissions

McKesson Readmissions Resource™

You can help reduce hospital readmissions by placing emphasis on continuity of care. Leverage the McKesson Readmissions Resource™, which provides valuable readmissions information in one place to help you improve your readmission rates and allow residents and patients to continue healing while in your care.

Clinical Resources by Disease State

The McKesson Readmissions Resource offers robust clinical resources to help you address common disease states that can contribute to higher readmission rates. Access these resources to get product formulary recommendations and advice on clinical processes from our own Clinical Resource Team, and to learn about preventing, diagnosing and treating these disease states for better quality outcomes.

Resources Available Now:

Urinary Track Infections

Coming Soon:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) • Pneumonia

Hospitalizations interfere with an elderly person’s daily living, but a hospital readmission can cause even greater disruption. Many times, the quality of life for an elderly patient can be affected when they return to the hospital, potentially putting their health at greater risk. The impact is equally substantial for post-acute care facilities and agencies as you start to bear the financial burden of hospital readmissions.

Failing to lower patient readmission rates can lead to:

  • Fewer or potentially lost referrals
  • Stronger financial penalties
  • Higher costs to deliver care

McKesson Readmissions Resource

Published on January 22, 2018 Learn how reducing hospital readmissions can have an impact on quality performance measures and better prepare you for value-based care. The McKesson Readmissions Resource™ combines valuable solutions with disease state clinical resources to help you proactively manage readmission rates.


In addition to clinical resources, the McKesson Readmissions Resource offers access to several business tools and services to help you tackle readmission rates. We’ve teamed with leading service providers to bring you discounts on solutions to improve the quality of care.

Software & Analytics

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EducationEducation & Training

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