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Roadmap for Health Systems’ Success in Non-Acute: An eBook

Changes in virtually every facet of the healthcare industry continue to create new challenges for healthcare systems to navigate. No one is feeling the impact more than that of supply chain leadership, whose responsibilities now include everything from surgery centers and physician’s offices to nursing homes and the patient’s home.

Managing the non-acute continuum can be particularly challenging due to the complexity and fragmentation across so many care settings. To get the most out of your health system’s investments in the care continuum, supply chain leaders need a comprehensive strategy to address the many facets of non-acute.

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting has worked with McKesson, a leader in non-acute care supply chain strategies, to develop a roadmap for driving out costs and providing better care.

10 Keys to Non-Acute Success

This eBook takes an in-depth look at the ten components recommended for a successful non-acute care strategy, including:

Chapter 1 | Operational efficiencies at the macro and micro care setting.

Chapter 2 | Analytics is more than reporting. What you do with the data is what matters.

Chapter 3 | How process automation can take clinicians out of procurement.

Chapter 4 | An effective strategic cost source strategy can leverage available contracts, including GPOs, to drive down your costs through informed product decisions.

Chapter 5 | Visibility brings efficiencies.

Chapter 6 | Standardization furthers health systems’ revenue goals and removes clinical variation.

Chapter 7 | Follow the patient and reduce readmissions through a total post-acute care strategy.

Chapter 8 | Supply chain influences lab; lab influences patient care. See how they intersect.

Chapter 9 | Having a pharmaceutical sourcing strategy leads to cost savings and regulatory compliance, while reducing backorders.

Chapter 10 | Overcome organizational inertia through leading change.

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