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Keeping patients healthy is at the core of your mission. But you also need to operate a healthy business too.

Business resources to help improve the health of your business

Access business resources such as articles, whitepapers, case studies and more to learn about unique business challenges found in the healthcare industry and how you might implement solid solutions for your facility.

As a business, you’re always looking for effective ways to reduce and control costs.

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Whether products or processes, standardization can help with a variety of business needs, in one facility or across many.

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Workflow

5 Ways to Simplify Your Workflow

Published on March 5, 2019 Get ready to cut the paperwork! From invoice summaries and notifications to online learning management, we offer solutions to help improve overall efficiency and save you time and money. Learn how Relaymed™, MedTrainer® and McKesson SuppyManager℠ tools, Okay to Pay and McKesson CSOSManager℠, can help you cut the paperwork today.

Efficiencies range from saving staff time and streamlining processes, to implementing automation – all of which help with business performance.

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Grow your DME business by offering products and services that help increase revenue.

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Being prepared for a variety of events can help create a safer environment in healthcare facilities.

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Regulatory Roundup

Regulatory Roundup is your resource for regulatory and compliance changes and updates, offered up in digestible, easy-to-understand summaries to help you prepare.

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Business Performance

Increase efficiency and grow your business with our suite of business performance services and tools, from billing solutions and capital financing to spend analysis. Our Business Solutions Group will work with you to identify and address your business needs.

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Medical Inventory Management

We deliver technology solutions to help generate savings of both time and expense. From supply ordering and inventory management to accounting automation, we have solutions to help you manage your expenses.

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Distribution Services

With more than 900 delivery professionals across the nation and the largest delivery vehicle fleet, we strive to provide unparalleled distribution services to get you the products you need, when you need them.

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McKesson SupplyManager℠
With comprehensive product information and features designed for your convenience, our web-based online ordering system makes inventory control more convenient and simpler than ever.
McKesson ScanManager℠
Eliminate manual data entry of ordering and managing supplies. Our handheld barcode supply management system helps you regulate inventory volume, maximize shelf space and keep tighter controls on your inventory.
McKesson Inventory Manager
Manage your perpetual inventory and maintain PAR levels for your medical, lab, office and janitorial supplies.