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Helping home medical equipment (HME) providers is what we do best

Why McKesson?

Running a home medical equipment (HME) business can be challenging in a changing industry. We’re here to help you manage those challenges and make sure your patients are getting the right products at the right time. At McKesson, our focus is always on our customers’ success.

To learn more about how we can better serve your patients, call us today at 1-855-571-2100.

Alliances for your success >
Alliances to help streamline and advocate for your business

More products, more choice >
Quality and selection with national & private label brands

Distribution you can count on >
Reliable and flexible delivery options for your business needs

Solutions to enhance your business >
Tools, technology and support to help manage costs and drive efficiencies

Resources to support care >
Clinical support and resources to help you manage and improve outcomes

Meet Juliana

McKesson Delivers for Home Medical Equipment Providers

Published on June 6, 2019 Meet Juliana, a fifteen-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder requiring many medical supplies for her at-home care. Her family's trusted relationship with their HME provider enables her to receive the quality care she needs, and McKesson is proud to be a part of stories like this.

Alliances for your success

We consult and work closely with HME industry leaders to bring our customers solutions that work. Our industry leader alliances include:

  • AAHomecare
  • The VGM Group
  • Brightree
  • And more

And because we’re focused on your success, we do not support sole sourcing. Instead, we believe quality, cost and access (triple aim) need to be balanced as payers consider reimbursement models.

We’re also highly engaged with advocacy groups like AAHomecare and state associations, and we advocate on behalf of the HME industry alongside our customers at both the state and federal levels. Learn more about our advocacy efforts to support you >

To learn more about how McKesson Medical-Surgical can help your HME today, please talk to your account manager, or call us at 1-855-571-2100.

McKesson HME Industry Roundtables

McKesson HME Industry Roundtables

Published on February 28, 2020 McKesson hosts industry roundtables across the country where customers, state associations, AAHomecare and vendors come together to discuss challenges and potential solutions for the HME industry.

Learn more about sole sourcing, including what’s driving this, how it affects patients and what you can do to prepare.


Watch this recorded webinar to hear from industry experts on how to effectively engage with payers and legislative officials.

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If your state is preparing for MCO management, check out our newest white paper, “Preparing for Medicaid MCO transition”, for important steps you can take today to prepare for this change.


More products, more choice

We have an extensive selection of over 45,000 products to choose from, including the national brands you know, as well as our own cost-effective private label brands.

  • Comprehensive medical product portfolio of 45,000+ products
  • Full range of medical equipment offerings
  • Pharmaceutical products & vaccines
  • Over 5,000 McKesson Brands items available with a satisfaction guarantee
    • Streamline purchasing with a single distributor
    • 100% money back guarantee on McKesson Brands products
    • 33 DME distribution centers providing fast, nationwide delivery
    • Quality products at an affordable price – ideal when you want to optimize your margins
    • Financing available for home medical equipment (HME)/durable medical equipment (DME) providers who need help managing their cash flow
    • Marketing support with planograms, merchandizing tools, customizable sell sheets, cash sale items and retail packaging

Need a product to serve your patients? Call us today to learn more about the wide selection of products we have at 1-855-571-2100.

With COVID-19 and the upcoming flu season, make sure your respiratory products are in stock. Complete the form to the right to download our respiratory product guide to learn why respiratory products are important and to get guidance on which products you should consider.

Featured respiratory products

Shop all respiratory

Combining the quality of leading manufacturers with the efficiencies of a nationwide distribution network, we can deliver an HME portfolio you can be proud to offer to your patients. Take advantage of the power of our distribution and product selections.

Managing your respiratory product category

Published on July 16, 2020 Presented by VGM & Associates, this webinar covers building a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) program, developing an outcomes program, helping patients with compliance and generating additional revenue, as well as steps to show value to hospitals and payors.

Featured Product Categories

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  • Ambulatory Equipment
    McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers ambulatory equipment, DME equipment, mobility aids, and disability aids including canes, walkers, commodes, wheelchairs, rollators, and shower chairs, and more.
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  • Urological
    McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers urological supplies including catheters, straight catheters, urethral catheters, intermittent catheters, bedpans, leg bags, and more.
    Learn More
  • Respiratory
    McKesson Medical-Surgical offers respiratory products including nebulizers, cpap supplies, endotracheal tubes, nasal cannulas, humidifiers, and medical supplies.
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  • Incontinence
    McKesson Medical-Surgical offers incontinence supplies including adult diapers, panty liners, incontinence pads, chux pads, and more incontinence products.
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  • Nutritionals And Feeding Supplies
    McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers nutritional supplements and feeding supplies including ensure, dietary supplements, feeding tubes, baby formula, and more.
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Distribution HME providers can count on

Why use our patient home delivery?
With our patient home delivery service, we carry the stock and do the work for you – simply place the order for the patient’s prescribed equipment, and we fulfill the order and ship to your patient using UPS. We even personalize the packing slip to keep that customer connection to the patient and promote your business.

  • Reduce or even eliminate shipping, inventory and warehouse space
  • Eliminate related costs like spoilage, fuel, insurance and fleet maintenance
  • Decrease additional labor costs in shipping and receiving
  • Serve your patients more quickly, with orders typically delivered the next day

Ask your McKesson Medical-Surgical Account Manager to walk you through our patient home delivery savings calculator to get real-time data on how you can save on delivery fees, inventory, warehouse and administrative expenses and more. Or, call us today at 1-855-571-2100.

McKesson Distribution Services

Published on March 9, 2020 At McKesson, we understand how important it is to deliver medical products and supplies to our customers and their patients on time. That's why we're committed to investing in our distribution capabilities. Learn about how some of our recent advancements in distribution center technologies help us deliver for you.

Timely delivery is important, but cost is too. We’re committed to providing you with the superior service you expect at a competitive price, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that happens. Download our shipping expertise guide to learn why you should feel confident about shipping with us.


Solutions to enhance your business

We know you have a passion for serving your patients and providing them with the very best of care. But it can be difficult doing “business as usual” because of lower reimbursements.

Some home medical equipment (HME) providers are turning to new business models to continue serving their patients while also growing their business. Learn more about our retail solutions for HME providers.

HME Retail

Accelerate payments with more automation. Connect your billing service provider with McKesson SupplyManager℠, our online ordering platform, to quickly access billing and payment information.

  • Request payment immediately after the patient receives their package
  • Keep orders moving so you can keep billing, with up to date product availability

Along with seamless connectivity to referral sources, manufacturers and patients, Brightree enables real-time integrated purchasing capability directly from McKesson for more than 2,000 home medical equipment, home health and hospice organizations.

Streamlining patient management from intake to billing to delivery management, CareTend enables you to track business performance in real time using custom workflow and business intelligence reporting tools.

With a focus on automation, Universal Software Solutions‘s fully-integrated practice management solution, Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS), is specifically geared toward home medical providers seeking a cost-effective solution for increasing efficiencies.

TeamDME! offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution that fully integrates your front and back office tasks. Create customizable templates for workflow tracking and check patient eligibility, revenue cycle management, inventory management and much more. Seamlessly send purchase orders and receive accounts payable invoices back from McKesson. Gain instant insight to where your business stands with Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets & Income statements.

Better communication. A better patient experience. With McKesson VerbalCare™, you can connect to patients wherever they are and guide them on the path to better health. This mobile app keeps the lines of communication open so you can make sure patients are getting the support they need to follow doctor’s orders. Not only does VerbalCare help improve reimbursement, it frees up more time for you to focus on other areas of your business.

VerbalCare makes your job easier in so many ways.

  • Increased revenue
  • Seamless communication with your patient
  • Faster response times
  • Helpful education
  • Greater patient satisfaction

Watch these brief videos to see how VerbalCare can help your patients commit to their prescribed therapy.

Let our account managers do the heavy lifting to analyze your spend across product categories and bring real-time data to your fingertips. Through proprietary sophisticated McKesson software, our team can run a variety of reports about your business that are designed to drive:

  • Cost ordering
  • Increased efficiency
  • Compliant ordering

Ask your McKesson Medical-Surgical account anager to walk you through our MBA tool today. Or call us at

Watch this webinar for an overview and demo of McKesson VerbalCare™ and how smart engagement can help your business.

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Resources to support care

Our clinical resource team is available to help customers like you manage and improve patient outcomes. That’s why we’ve created these resources available to you.

McKesson Academy™

Get the clinical education and training you need with our no-cost online portal, featuring over 270 resources, including Relias CE training courses, product education and McKesson webinars.

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McKesson Academy™ Plus

Available for purchase by course or series of courses, McKesson Academy Plus™ is our library of accredited continuing education courses from Relias Learning.

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The Relias Learning Management System (LMS) offers an extensive catalog of continuing education courses, with full administrative functionality including automation, management and tracking. 

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Educational Webinars

Stay up to date on important healthcare topics with our monthly educational webinars, presented by industry experts. View upcoming webinars, access our webinar video galleries and register to receive monthly webinar updates.

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Respiratory Care

Respiratory illnesses are leading causes of death and disability around the world, second only to cardiovascular diseases. How are you planning to handle this respiratory season? We have resources and products to help.

Learn More

Download our respiratory product guide today.