Shop General Examination Light: 80 Lumen LED Lamp to Provide a Focused Beam of Bright White Light for Superior Illumination. Lightweight, Water Resistant and Guaranteed Unbreakable (batteries included), Red lens: Fits on the Exam Light for Night Use, Fiber Optic Light Bender/Nasal Head: To Effectively Direct Light into the Nasal or Oral Cavity. Can be Used to Transilluminate the Sinuses, Spare LED Bulb: For Extending the Use of the Exam Light in the Field, 2 Spare AAA Batteries, Soft Case with Mesh Pouches: Designed to Secure the Exam Lights and Accessories. Developed with Padded Sides and Durable Zipper. Two Additional Mesh Pouches are Positioned on the Inside Compartment for More Parts or Supplies, Color Instruction Booklet: Contains Operating Instructions and Part Numbers

  • #1070323
  • North American Rescue #20-0001
Basic Field Corpsman Kit

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