Shop Floating Flange Shape, For Selectra Pro S and Pro M System, 1/Each Bag, Bedside, Paper; 1/Each Bone Wax, 2.5 gm; 1/Each Bowl, 32 oz (946 mL), Graduated; 1/Each Cautery Pencil, Rk, with PTFE Tip, 1/Each Container, Specimen, 4 oz (120 mL), with Lid; 1/Each Cord, Bipolar, 12 Foot (366 cm); 2/Each Drape, 3/4, 53 X 77 Inch (135 x 196 cm), Aurora, 1/Each Thyroid T-Drape, 102 X 121 X 78 Inch (259 x 307 x 198 cm); 20/Each Gauze, 16-pll 4 X 4 Inch (10 x 10 cm), X-Ray; 2/Each Gown, Sirus®, Fabric, Reinforced, XL; 1/Each Gown, Sirus®, Non-Reinforced, XL, With Abs Towel, 1/Each Mayo Stand Cover; 1/Each NDL Counter, 40 ct, Foam/Magnetic; 1/Each Non-Adhesive Pad, Ostomy Barrier

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