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Finding the right healthcare apparel for patients and providers can be challenging, so we're here to help. Browse our catalog to view our vast selection of compression garments, footwear and more to help keep patients comfortable and safe. Our healthcare apparel selection also features personal protective equipment, shoe covers and medical scrubs offering providers high functionality and protection. Choose among the hundreds of brand-name products available, along with our own McKesson Brands line of healthcare apparel.

Infection prevention is a top priority for providers today and our healthcare apparel selection is centered around ensuring user safety. We can assist you in outfitting your staff with personal protective equipment, including masks and medical gowns, shoe covers, medical scrubs and lab attire for everyday wear. If your facility requires you to don and doff PPE of varying levels of sterility, our apparel categories have the perfect item to suit your needs.

Our catalog also has a great selection of post-surgical and protective healthcare apparel for patients, whether they're recently recovering or simply need certain products for comfort. Compression garments play a key part in convalescence, so we've taken care to select a wide range of stockings, sleeves and other body wraps. In addition to post-surgical garments, our catalog also features many types of products for arm and leg protection along with protective devices for infants.

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